11 Proven Benefits of Lemon For Skin And Hair

Hey guys, Today I will going to discuss Proven Benefits of Lemon For Skin And Hair.Lemon, no need to introduce it anymore. Undoubtedly it is a most common and popular citrus that we take it basically for removing stress and as good source of vitamin C. But most of us really don’t know that it is not only a good source of Vitamin C But it also has many nourishing elements such as Vitamin B6, vitamin A, Vitamin E, Magnesium, protein, Zinc, Phosphorus, potassium, calcium, Folate niacin, Iron, pantothenic acid, copper, riboflavin, Flavonoids ( Which contains antioxidant and some properties which are worthy for fight against cancer.)

Benefits of Lemon For Skin And Hair

Benefits of Lemon For Skin And Hair

The health benefits of lemon are immense. We are going to share those benefits as precisely as we can.


Health Benefits of Lemon

The health benefits of lemon included some treatments like a sore throat.

  1. Dental problems
  2. Internal bleeding
  3. Burns obesity
  4. Hair and skin care
  5. Cholera and high blood pressure
  6. Clean stomach, and so an.

The major health benefits of lemons

Indigestion and constipation

We often face many problems related to indigestion and constipation. In this case, lemon can be curable elements when you prepare it according to some procedures. Generally, people don’t take lemon like they take other fruits as it has intense sour flavor. But lemon juice is more popular than a sliced lemon as it prepared with some other tasty ingredients. If you add few drops of lemon juice in your dish it will be helpful in digestion. So, after taking every major meal if you drink a glass of fresh lemon juice it will remove any problem that you are been suffering indigestion.

Let us show you the recipe:

  • Take a cup of cold water
  • Soda salt ( quantified)
  • Sugar or honey
  • Crushed fennel ( for adding flavor)

Take all the ingredients in a jar and make a mixture. Mix it well and drink.

Dental Care

If you have a toothache, well lemon is here for your best solution.  Lemons are used frequently in this case and it works really well for this types of prevention. Apply a fresh lemon juice in the affected area, it will soothe the pain quickly. Sometimes your gum bleeding, for this, you can also use lemon juice. Massage your gum with the lemon juice so that it can stop your gum bleeding. You can buy your toothpaste which contains lemon as a prime elements or you can use some drops of lemon juice with your normal toothpaste for your regular teeth cleaning. Apart from, you can use a sliced lemon for this. Take pace of sliced lemon, rub it on your teeth by holding the lemon shell (the inner side of the lemon must touch your teeth). Beware! As lemon are highly acidic you need to rinse your mouth after doing these.


Getting cold, flu or fever is a very common phenomenon but an abhorrence disease. (Follow our article on “how to get rid of catch cold). Lemon juice can reduce or break fever by increasing perspiration.

Skin Care

Lemon juice, a very natural antiseptic medicine which is very useful for solving any problem related to skin. There are many kinds of skin problem, like sunburn, eczema, insect’s sting, and so on which are very painful. As lemon an anti-aging remedy so undoubtedly it works really well as a treatment for these mentioned skin problems. To bring a healthy glow to the skin as well as to remove wrinkles and blackheads lemon juice has no alternative. Your task will be easier if you buy lemon soaps from cosmetics market and use it in your every shower. If you do so it also brings something good for your skin.

Hair care

For hair care, it is proven that lemon is one of the best treatments. Hair loose, dandruff (follow our article on “how to get rid of dandruff) are the most common problem related scalp and hair. Lemon juice can treat these problems very well if you regularly and properly apply it to the scalp. Lemon juice is also frequently used for increasing natural shine of hair.


Lemon works on both old and current burn sensation. It contains cooling agent and reduces burning sensation on your skin. Use lemon juice on the site of cold irritating burns it will soothe your pain.

Internal bleeding

Lemon can stop the internal bleeding as it contains a coagulant and antiseptic properties. Take some lemon juice in a cup and dipped a cotton into the juice so that the cotton absorbed the lemon juice properly and apply it on the bleeding area .it will work quickly.

Weight Loss

people apply or follow several procedures to lose their extra weight but they don’t focus that a solution roaming in front of their eyes. Mix lemon juice with lukewarm water and honey and drink this mixture in every morning. Your weight loosing fight may come under your control.


Lemon is a perfect blood purifier and being so disease like cholera, malaria can be treated by lemon juice.

Respiratory Disorders

It is commonly known that Lemon is a good source of Vitamin C. For this it has the ability to relieve respiratory problems such as Asthma attack, breathing problems etc. Being a good source of Vitamin C It is able to fight against the long-term Respiratory Disorders.


Lemon can also refer as a diuretic which can flush out bacteria and toxins from the body. Rheumatism and Arthritis can also be reduced by lemon juice.

Foot Relaxation

As we mentioned earlier that lemon has an antiseptic and aromatic agent, it is very useful in the treatment of foot swelling. For an instant soothe you need to take large bowl or bucket and pour boiled warm water in it .then mix some lemon juice. You can also mix some honey into the mixture. Now, sink your leg into the mixture to get an instant foot relaxation.


It can fade clotted mass on your skin. Apply lemon juice on the affected area like the palms of your hand or soles of feet it will dissolve the lump or soothe the area that hardened up. Drinking lemon juice with water also very useful for reducing gallstones for the same reason.


High blood pressure

Mental stress and depression are the main cause of High blood pressure which is the main cause of heart attack. Lemon contains potassium which controls high blood pressure as well as dizziness, nausea. As lemon provides calming sensation for both mind and body it can soothe mental pressure and stress and thus it control high blood pressure.

Throat infection

Having anti- bacterial properties lemon can reduce the problem related to throat infection like sour throat. For it acidic taste and having several important Vitamin it is helpful in the treatment of like this kind of infections.


Some other health benefits and important information about Lemon:

Nutritional value of lemon

Lemon basically popular for its therapeutic properties. A glass of Lemon contains near about 25 calories. Besides that it contains Vitamin C and Vitamin which are very elite among the Vitamins. Apart from its anti-bacterial acts and antiseptic elements helps to remove germs and virus and flush out harmful toxin from the human body.

PH level: Being a very rich source of Vitamin C and having anti-bacterial properties Lemon keep the PH level of human body balanced.

Brain and nerve protector: Potassium a major content of lemon nourish brain and nerve very well.

Balance calcium and oxygen level: In case of Heartburn Lemon keeps balance the level of calcium and oxygen in the liver.

Eye problems: It also helps to maintain the eye health and useful as a remedy for eye problems.

Combating cancer: Since Lemon or lemon juice has antioxidant properties it can fight the formation of free radicals which are known as a cause of cancer, though researchers provide mixed doctrine on the use of an antioxidant in the treatment of cancer, lemon and antioxidant is undoubtedly useful to make a cup dry very soon.

Iron absorption: The deficiency of Iron is the leading cause of anemia as well as considered as a most common nutrient deficiency in the developed country. Having Vitamin C As a leading agent Lemon can increase and maximize the ability to absorb Iron.

Boosting the immune system: In winter physical activity levels generally tend to drop. Cold and Flu start to enlarge their territory. Foods containing high in vitamin C and antioxidants can boost the immune system and battle against germs and virus in this case.

Decreases diseases risk: Many medical studied has suggested that plant fruits like lemon decrease the risk of many abhorrence and stubborn disease which gradually turned into fatal like Diabetes, Heart disease , obesity etc. Fruits and vegetable consumption, in word, reduce the risk of adverse health condition.

Last Word

Though lemons are not a standalone food for their acute sour flavor but there a few who are not fond of it. In small quantities or mixing with some tasty ingredients we use to take lemon. But if we, everybody would know Lemon health benefits we would have listed it in our everyday food menu. The above-mentioned health benefits of lemon may make you think newly in taking lemons and hopefully from now lemon will be listed in your everyday meal. Let us know opinion on our article so that next time we can share with you something more beneficial l to your health. Take care.

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