7 Golden Ways To Stop Hair Loss For Male

Hair loss is a Fearful thing for men.So today I will discuss  “how to prevent hair fall“.You can control hair loss.Let’s take a look at how to do just that:

What is Hair loss?

Hair loss is losing hair from your scalp at a great extent. It is one of the most familiar problems globally; disturbing one-third of the population. Each day a person loses 100 hairs which is found in a research. There is no need to worry, over a small amount of follicles falling off as it is a natural incident. Hair fall can be for many cases. Such as:how-to-stop-hair-loss-in-men


  • Diet
  • Mineral Deficiency
  • Medications
  • Stress
  • Pollution
  • Genetics &
  • Putting on a cap/hat




Top 7 Steps to follow for stopping hair loss naturally

7 Natural Ways to Control Hair Loss

7 Natural Ways to Control Hair Loss

As it is told above how hair fall takes place in the scalp of human now you may be thinking of how to permanently stop hair fall. It’s may be complicated subject for you at first but you need to follow the rules which may be result to be effective for you. There are many steps I’m sharing some with you

  1. Usage of soft Shampoo for day to day Hair Wash

    With the aim of preventing huge hair loss it is recommended to keep the hair and you scalp dirt free for which it is necessary to wash the hair regularly. Washing hair daily is also said to reduce any threat of causing contagion or dandruff on scalp which will ultimately result in hair loss. Aside from this cleaner hair also gives the look of it having amplified volume.

  2. Increase Vitamin ingestion

    Vitamins are not only effective for body but also for the hair especially Vitamin A is said to help in enhanced production of sebum there in the scalp. There is one more Vitamin E which is said to help in development of blood circulation in scalp to see that hair follicles help in further hair production, also for the hair to maintain its color it is recommended to amplify ingestion of Vitamin B.

  3. Include Proteins in Diet

    Hair escalation is initiated by the proteins which can plentifully found in fish, lean meats, soy and different others which will also keep a check on the hair loss.

  4. Do not comb your hair when it is wet

    It is recommended to thwart combing through dripping hair which will also increase the chance of hair fall as hair remains at weaker state when it is dripping. If there is any authentic need to comb wet hair it is recommended to use thick tooth comb, whereas too much brushing also is said to be causing huge dent to the hair and increasing hair loss hence this can be lessened by using fingers to remove any tangles in the hair.

  5. Increase Water Quantity

    Each hair beam consists of one-quarter water and so it is recommended to drink virtually four to eight cups of water each day to keep it hydrated that guarantees healthy growth of hair.

  6. Green tea

    It has been initiated in a study that that hair loss can be treated by rasping green tea for which it is obligatory to use no more than two bags green tea in a mug of water and boiled after which it has to be left so to cool down and applied onto the hair. Wait for an hour before washing this off and to get helpful consequences it is obligatory to do this often for about a week or more based on the requirement.

  7. Stop of smoking

    Cigarette smoking is identified to allocate lesser blood to be flown to scalp also having straight results on hair growth by decreasing it.

  8. Fight Stress

    Stress is generally familiar as the main reason for hair loss therefore it is recommended to first conflict stress which is one of the ordinary ways of treating hair fall. Some of the alternatives to this strain are choosing yoga, meditations which are recognized to help in getting back the hormones into perfect stability.

  9. Avoid Constant Heating drying

    Do not open up hair to too much heating and drying techniques since this course is said to lessen hair proteins which decline the hair giving it frailty.


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