8 Simple Ways to Please Your Wife

Happiness and satisfaction always matters in a relationship and especially in husband-wife relationship.Today I am going to share How To Please Your Wife. A wife is very important role for a family.  She take cares almost everything in a family, so if your wife isn’t happy or satisfied you and your family might face troubles. So you need to keep alive the sparkle in your married life in many ways to keep your wife happy. Let me tell you some ways to keep your wife happy .

What You Will Learn

  • How To Show Love to Your Wife
  • Ways to Mentally Stimulate Your Wife
  • How To Satisfy Your Wife in bed


How to Satisfy Or Please Your Wife

Simple Ways to Please Your Wife

Simple Ways to keep your wife happy

Always make time for date night

You should always give your wife some of your time. I mean you should always take her to date no matter how busy you are or how many deadlines you have to finish. Taking her to date even after the marriage will make her feel special and it will keep alive the spark of your relation. Do something nice everytime you take her to a date . Take her to fancy restaurants or go to movies or do the things she likes. Always give priority to her favorites rather giving yours. Take a romantic walk and talk to each other for a long time.

Maintain your appearance

You should always look good and maintain your self because if you don’t care about your looks anymore you won’t be able to love each like before. So for that you you should always keep yourself fresh and hygienic. Take a bath everyday to smell good and try to wear good clothes in home. And you should always shave your face you don’t like a beard much. Try to wear matching clothes when you two go out for any function.

Make time for romantic getaways

Taking a short getaway is always good for your relationship with your wife because it helps you to spend some quality time with you wife and keep the romance alive between you two. Try to go on different places. Going to the same place every time makes you feel bored and your mood also get worse. Try to travel more and explore with your wife to keep yourselves happy and make the relationship stronger.

Maintain a romantic atmosphere at homeMake Your Wife Happy

Always be romantic with your wife and make romantic appearance to make her feel special. Try to eat dinner with some candles lighted on to feel to make the time romantic, watch romantic movies together and you’ll imagine yourselves there. Keep your house and bedroom clean so you can do anything on the bed .try not to be rude to her.

Always show love and affection

Though you know how much you love your wife, you should always tell her that you love her and how important she is in your life . Always make love to her whenever you get time. Try to kiss her very often and wish her to have a good day when you go to work or you can call your wife from your work asking how is she doing. This will make your bond strong.

Stay honest and open

Honest communication is the key to any long and stable relationship. Always be honest to your partner no matter what it is. Being honest will make her feel that you love her and she means everything to you. Also sharing your will make you guys strong for any situation. But don’t be foolish because if she is asking about how is she looking,always tell her that she is looking pretty.

Learn to give and accept an apology

If you really want to make your wife happy, then you should know that being happy is much more important than being right. You should always apologize to your partner if you did something wrong or you had a fight. Make sure you feel like you are sorry while apologizing because you shouldn’t sound like you are apologizing because you have no choice.

Give her some space

Giving her some space or some personal time will give her time to relax and think about her. She might be tired of doing work so you should understand when she needs some privacy. Let her visit alone to her family .you don’t have to be there everytime. Let her go to the girls night out to have some fun or let her travel with her friends so that she can have some time to refresh her self.


To sum up this article, we can focus some outlines in reference of this article. The relation between husband and wife grows up in a town way. Firstly, socially and secondly biologically. Between these two may be biological relation is the major one. If a women sexually unhappy in her marriage life, the social relation will be fall down. So it is very important to know that “how to please your wife“. This article is all about this.

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