9 Curling Iron Tips You Need To Know About

Curly hairs are a new fashion trend amongst the women. The beautiful, bouncy curly hairs make anyone more attractive and glamorous. But the irony is most of the time you will not end up with the curls you wanted when doing it from your own. Here are some tips which will help you to get better curls

Curling Iron Tips You Need To Know About

1. Be Familiar with your curling iron

Curling irons come in different shape, size, and design. But they mostly vary on the material.  There are three types of curling iron based on the material. The first one is ceramic iron which popular for distributing heat evenly all over the iron. The second one is tourmaline iron which is specialized for quick and shiny results. The third one is titanium curling iron which is specialized for its smooth barrel surface. Amongst the three curling irons, ceramic and tourmaline iron are more popular choice.

2. Different size for different curls

The best curling irons for fine hair come in different size of curling irons for different types of curly hair. The size of the curling iron varies from 3/8 inch to 2 inches maximum.  If you want to create loose waves or a slight band then you will require a 1.5 inches to 2 inches curl iron. If you are interested to get a spiral or tighter curls then you will need a curl iron in between 3/8 inches to 5/8 inches.  If you are confused for the size of the curl iron then simply go for the 1 inch size.

3. Clean the hair before curling

Before you start curling your hair, the first thing you need to do is cleaning the hair. It will give the right texture to your hair as well as help the curl to stay long. On the other hand, curling the hair without cleaning them will give you an unsmooth and weak curl.

4. Use heat protectant

Many people things that the hair products needed while curling hair are useless. It is true for most of the products but not for all. Heat protectant is an important product to use before curling your hair. The iron curl is a risky too. There is always a risk of burning the hair while using the curling iron. The heat protectant products keep your hair safe against the excessive heat from the curling iron.

5. Start from the top

Start curling from the root of the hairs. Use a 1/4 inch curl iron to curl the root hairs. Curl your hair away for your face. It will help you to get a bouncy curl. If you want a retro vibe then use medium sized curl iron and pin every curl individually. You have to wait for a while after pinning the curl to get the result.

6. Choose the right temperature

The temperature is an important thing to consider while curling the hair. Operating the curling iron in the right temperature will give you the best result. Operating the machine on a hair temperature will give you much smooth result but it can be risky. The preferred temperatures while using curling iron around 200 to 300 degrees.

7.  Hold the iron correctly

The way you hold the curling iron also has impact on your curls. You have to find a suitable position from where you can curl all the hair comfortably. Holding the iron horizontally will give you bouncy and tight curls when the vertical position will give you a looser curl pattern.

8.  Cool the curl down

Don’t leave your curl alone as soon as you are done with the iron. You have to cool down the curl for a stronger and durable curly hair. If possible spray a hairspray in the curl patterns for to make the curl much strong. You can use clip or pins to keep the curl pattern in their position while cooling.

9.  Don’t brush the hair after curling

The common mistake that we do much often is brushing the curl as soon as we are done with curling. It harms the curl pattern and in the long run the curl fades out within a short time. Never brush your hair after curling. Instead of a brush, use your fingers to rinsing the hair.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you to get a better and stronger curl from now.

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