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We are firmly recommending to our viewers to consider our content as a suggestion instead of considering as a prescription. We are neither a doctor nor a health specialist, but we can provide some helpful suggestions about the health problem you are suffering from. Our doctrine is that we are here to suggest you about your issues but not to force you to follow it. A healthy life is another name of a happy life, and this sense is our motto. Below Our Staff List

Dr. Zumaira Fatima, MBBS

Zumira Fatema ,MD went on Mahadevappa Rampure Medical College, Gulbarga University in 1999. Later she completed a residency at St Vincents Medical center. For last 19 years, she has been engaging herself with the research and observation as she is a Geriatric medicine specialist. With the extension of medical domains and with the advancement of Medical technologies she extends her research fields to innovate in her particular department. Being affiliated with North shore university currently, she practices at Meron Rachel Kristos MD.

She has made herself facilitated accepting several insurance policies such as Aetna, MVP health plan, and Medicare. In the Department of Geriatric Medicine ( A sector regarding old people, especially regarding their healthcare) she has possessed a reputed and respected position in her range. She also practices at long island Jewish Medical in New Hyde Park, NY.

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Md Jubayer Hossain, Medical Practitioner

It’s me Md Jubayer Hossain. As a medical practitioner, I have to know how we can maintain a healthy life. I also have to know to diagnose diseases. For diagnosis purposes, many medical tools greatly help me. In a word, it is very difficult to diagnose some specific diseases without the help of that medical equipment. For example, a stethoscope, blood pressure machine, thermometer, tuning fork, and so on. That’s the reason we should know how to use these tools perfectly and what are the best tools.

On the side, we can keep fit your body by taking proper food of adequate amount and by doing some essential exercise. As a medical person, we also have to know the ingredients of many foods. If we don’t know about a food, how do we know about its benefits? For the reason, I always try to research on food though I’ve learned a lot in my student life from test books, my teachers, internet, and many sources.

In my leisure time, I try to write something from the experience of my life and my knowledge. I do it because I always think if I can help anyone that is my success.

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MD. Nazmul Hasan, Webmaster

I am Nazmul Hasan – a crazy marketer & blogger! I love to network with people & get them involved.

In online, I am known as Nazmul, At my very early age, I have engaged myself in online activities as it was a matter of attraction. Since these type of activities are not so easy to allow for my family they use to restrain me but I have been struggling. Finally, I have established myself in this sector.

Sharing thoughts and content is my favorite thing in online. I need people justify my thoughts and give me feedback. I think public opinion helps me to enrich my doctrines and observation.

I’ve been in the industry for 7 long years. Since 2010, to be specific.I have been a web developer from 2010 which is when I had registered my first company by the name CoxCon It .Then I opened a hosting company named Coxwebhost, But I have failed to both startup.

I have ventured into different online businesses like offering SEO Services, website development services, web hosting & business consultation.I work on YouTube on Islamic and educational content. That means I’m also YouTube Content creator.

And I love photography too… It is where I let my creative juices flow. Unfortunately, I do not get time for this with whole lot other interests listed above

I spend nearly 12- 14 hours a day on my computer, out of which 8 hours is my full-time work and rest of the time, it is either reading new SEO update/research new strategy about all of the above or spending time with my wonderful family.

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