Top 12 Surprising Health Benefits of Calamansi and Side Effects Explained

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Calamansi is known as one kind of citrus fruit. It is also known as Kalamansi and somewhere it is also called golden limes. Though it is native to Southeast Asia, now this fruit is widely used as beverage, flavoring, and sauces. The fruit is little small but it is just plenty of numerous nutritional elements. Just because of Calamansi benefits, this fruit is becoming more and more popular.Benefits of Calamansi

The best diet form of Calamansi is its juice. It will be more beneficial if you can consume its juice by mixing a small amount of honey. At present Calamansi juice is frequently popular in some specific part of Asia but day by day it becomes more popular. Some of the tremendous health benefits the food provides us such as detoxifying function, lower cholesterol, and so on which we will discuss details later. But the time is to take a look at its nutritional ingredients.

Calamansi nutritional Value

Normally, the average size of one Calamansi extract:

Name of nutrients Amount
Calories 37
Total fat 0.1 gm
Protein 0.2 gm
Calcium 40 mg
Sodium 0 mg
Potassium 37 mg
Carbohydrate 1 g
Dietary fiber 1 g
Vitamin A 12%
Vitamin C 10%
Iron 6 mg
Cholesterol 0 mg

Health Benefits of Calamansi

Nutritional elements of Calamansi fruits already give us an idea of about its health benefits. And its health benefits are really surprising. Regular consuming of Calamansi can cure us of some disease but we didn’t know them before. We are going to discuss its most important and necessary health benefits which should never be hidden.

1. Lower acidity

This is a citrus fruit and naturally, it contains a high level of citric acid, but Calamansi juice can be a drink for stomach smoothing substance. This juice can lower inflammation and acts as a protective layer against hydrochloric acid. Regular consuming this juice reduce the chance of developing ulcers and able to protect you from any disease derived from acid reflexes.

2. Control cholesterol

High level of cholesterol is the source of so many diseases and persistence of high-level cholesterol can lead even heart attack. We looked at Calamansi extract and notice this fruit does not contain cholesterol and according to many health researchers, it is proven that Calamansi can lower cholesterol level. Lower cholesterol level helps you in weight loss events and protect against metabolic syndrome.

3. Boost immunity

Immunization system is how much stronger, you are that much healthier. Immunity needed to be strong to fight against diseases. Calamansi contains Vitamin C which is an antioxidant vitamin and its juice can drink for the purpose of the immune booster. This juice helps in the production of white blood cells and stimulate to produce more. The juice has antioxidant property as well as antibacterial function.

4. Improve blood circulation

Frequent and adequate blood circulation is always good for your health and it can help oxygen and some nutrients to their function. Improved blood circulation also ensures supply blood to the whole body. However, blood circulation can improve by drinking Calamansi juice.

5. Skin bleaching agent

Calamansi provides us many health benefits but Calamansi benefits for skin are most important one and to get this benefit Asian people use Calamansi extract. The pure extract of Calamansi uses as a bleaching agent and this is dissimilar to another bleaching agent. Just use the extracted minimum two times per week to the affected area and get its amazing benefits. The extract never irritates your skin as like other skin bleaching agent.

6. Helps in weight loss

This juice can be a part of your weight loss event. This fruit is low-calorie, cholesterol free, refreshing drink. This juice helps to eliminate stored fat, improve bowel movement, and also prevent constipation. Regular drinking Calamansi juice will lose your weight and drinking before meal protects you from overeating.

7. Removes body odor

A person who has bad body odor, only he knows it is how much disgraceful! Calamansi included an antibacterial agent that can kill odor-causing bacteria and as a result, no odor will come from your body. To get benefits, just drench it with water or in your bathtub after pressing a couple of Calamansi or you can apply it directly to your skin from where bad odor comes.

8. Remove dandruff

The fruit is also beneficial for dandruff hair. Calamansi benefits provide you healthy hair also. Slice Calamansi fruit and rubbing with its half on your scalp that removes irritation, itchiness, and dryness. It also has the ability to improve the health of hair and increase the volume of hair.

9. Prevent diabetes

Controlling blood glucose level we work hard and need to fix diet menu but all these foods are not preferred by all people. Sometimes we don’t get our expected result from that menu. But, a lot of research already done and it is proven that this fruits can lower blood glucose level. It can also regulate insulin secretion which is glucose controller. The fruit is beneficial for diabetes bearing patient and who is a high risk of diabetes as well.

10. Reduce fatigue

Activities of daily life seem to be tiresome at a certain time and doing work all day long we become tired also. Drinking of a glass of Calamansi juice with a mixture of a trace amount of honey can refresh you. The fruits have a sour taste on the other hand honey contains sweet taste and this two combined action can reduce fatigue.

11. Act as antioxidant

Antioxidant property of the fruit is an amazing health benefit for us. Antioxidants are the substance which prevents oxidation and fight against free radicals. A single free radical is also injurious to health and free radicals are the major source of selective diseases.

12. Protect from common cold

The fruit is plenty of various important nutritious elements which are needed to our body. Vitamin C is an important ingredient of the fruit and it has a large quantity of vitamin C. Vitamin C has strong function against some viral and bacterial infection which can cause the common cold. Consume this fruit also daily also fulfill the partial requirement of vitamin C which reduces the chance of scurvy.

Calamansi juice recipe


  • 5-7 pieces of fresh Calamansi fruit
  • 1glass of filtered water (Warm/cold)
  • Honey

Guideline of making juice-

  • After washing carefully, slice the fruit into two
  • Continuously press Calamansi and extract it sap
  • Pour the juice into the glass of water
  • Withdraw Calamansi seed from the water using a fork
  • Mix adequate honey to the water
  • Mix them with the help of a tablespoon
  • Drink it

Calamansi juice side effects

Almost everything has more or less side effects as well as Calamansi has some negligible side effects which are very silly to its health benefits. But, alertness has good sight always and as this is why we are going to discuss its few side effects.

Excess intake of Calamansi juice and taking regularly not maintaining medical dose can irritate your stomach. If you drink more juice and of your digestive juices of stomach go backward towards throat and esophagus that feeling can be burning sensation. If you have a sensitive gut, you are advised of drinking Calamansi juice in a small doge.

The fruit has a high level of vitamin C that we mentioned before and this juice can stimulate urination but for the person who has kidney diseases, this juice can lead diuresis. This condition can cause numerous complications such as dehydration. If you have any kidney diseases consult with a doctor first before drinking Calamansi juice.

A person having migraine should consult with a physician before regular drinking of Calamansi juice as citrus fruit can trigger a migraine. Usually, citrus fruit contains tyramine which can act as migraine stimulator. You don’t need to stop drinking fo Calamansi juice but need to reduce intake.

Final Word

Calamansi fruit health benefits are wide ranges though the fruit is small. This fruit is native to South Asia but the fruit is spreading all over the world day by day because of only its health benefits. We tried to demonstrate its positive and negative findings as you can get only its benefits. Calamansi benefits are very useful for a sincere person whereas it offers us numerous health benefits such as skin care, care for hair, fight against free radicals, helps in weight loss, decrease cholesterol and so on.

To get these health benefits at a time we need to meet with various fruit but Calamansi provides us all of these. If you never taste the Calamansi fruit before, isn’t it the right time to taste it? Can you name a fruit which provides you these much health benefits alone?

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