Top 7 Best Hooded Hair Dryer for African American hair

The assumption underlying the term “beauty” nowadays is no longer confined in the sense of white skin and blond hair. With the passage of time, people have acknowledged that beauty can be observed in every face avoiding the sense of Race and ethnicity if anyone knows how to observe.

The African-American Hair type is a symbol of versatile nowadays beauty wherein in the past….never mind! This voluptuous type of hair is not easy to tame and needs a different method of nursing in comparison with the other common types.  Since this hair type is now commonly accepted as a representation of unique beauty and style most famous brands have already manufactured some especial hair tools for this particular hair type.  Among those products, Hooded hair dryer is our today’s talk of topics. After going through the whole guide you would come to know which ones are the best Hooded hair dryer for African American hair and why you need those and so on.  But before going to the main discussion some necessary issues are also included here for your convenience.

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How to use a best Hooded dryer for black hair

  • Step 1- wash your hair

The first and foremost thing you are going to do is washing your hair using shampoo or others hair and scalp cleaner in the fullest sense.  Follow the instruction given on the wrap of the cleaner before apply it.  It would be better to do so while you return home after a long period of working shift with an exhausted and messy condition.

  • Step 2- dry up your hair initially

After having a clean wash dry up your hair with a soft woolen or cotton towel. Wrap the towel over your head and keep it so for half an hour so that it can absorb even the last drop of the water from your hair.

  • Step  3- winnow your hair with your fingers

Well, now remove the towel and blow your ten fingers over your hair as fast as you can to win now and separate the hair from each other to make them breezy.

  • Step 4- start drying with the Hooded dryer

Now your hair is ready to be dealt with the Hooded dryer. Don’t start with the highest temperature at the very beginning. Increase the temperature slowly and be cautious so that you can decrease the temperature as well when you need to. All that mean just keep the temperature in balance.

  • Step 5- cool your hair

The final step is cooling your hair. You can use your preferred oil or others stuffs you use for your hair. It will look shiny and silky indeed.


Best Hooded hair dryer for African American Hair

Best Hooded Hair Dryer for African American hair

I have already mentioned that so many products are available for this particular type of hair on the market. Even in the same vein, there are so many verities as well. For this, you need to know your hair condition and its norms first then fix your requirements so that you can identify which Hooded dryer will suit most with your hair. I roamed lots of digital marketing sites, reviewed the customers’ comments and complains and then select some best Hooded hair dryers by their qualities, brands, and performance. I am going introduce them with you one by one. Let’s begin-


Laila Ali Iconic soft Bonnet Hooded Hairdryer

Laila Ali Iconic soft bonnet dryer produces ion infused airflow to dry you hair quickly.  The iconic technology used that is very effective to retain the moisture to make the hair shiner and more silky. With procession of chemical and conditioning treatments, it prevents the breakage to make the healthier. It possessed the 3 heat and speed setting that will make you facilitated in terms of drying and styling your hair in your own way.

The most advantage you have is the cooling option. When you are done with drying your hair the cool setting is there to produce cool air to remove the heat that discharged during the drying process.  To create loose curls and waves over your hair the adjusted soft bonnet gathered a set of jumbo rollers and it holds the whole unit in the adjusted storage age with it.

Laila Ali Iconic  Features

  • Soft bonnet with adjusted storage cage to hold the whole unit and to create loose curls and waves over the hair.
  • Dry hair very quickly with the Ion-infused airflow
  • 3 heated and speed setting to style the hair
  • Processing the chemical and conditioning treatments and retains moistures to make the hair shiny and silky.
  • Cool setting to cool the hair after heating the hair during the drying process


Tourmaline Tools 1059 by Hot tools professional Tourmaline Iconic

Tourmaline Tools 1059 by hot tools professional portable salon hair dryer comes with the direct Ion technology that produces speedy airflow to dry the hair 50% faster quicker than others. the thing about this product that will fascinate you is its purple translucent design. The addition of this design makes the Hooded dryer very convenient for you as it will not make you sit still during the process.  Besides adding the stylish touch it allows you to engage with your others activities like using your phone or playing games on it while the process goes on.

And of course the pre-moisture system is there to process a hydrating spa treatment for your hair. The adjustable bonnet is just a peace of mind as it fits even with the largest rollers.

Tourmaline Tools 1059 Features

  • Comes with a pre-moisture system and direct Ion technology that produce speedy airflow and process a hydrating spa treatment for the hair.
  • Make the hair less frizzy, silky and shiny possessing speed setting of 2 and heat setting of 4.
  • Has 1875 power wattage
  • Soft adjustable bonnet fits with any rollers
  • Necessary issues such as legs removable from the base for compact storage, 9ft cord, and two lockable wheels are also consciously included.
  • Included Adjustable front visor

Conair Bonnet Hooded hair dryer

For the African American hair, This collapsible or bonnet hooded hair dryer manufactured by Conair can be the best tools.  The African-American hair is naturally a bit more untamed than the common type even so if it is been treated and dried well when it is wet it becomes really breezy and silky. On that note, Conair Bonnet Hooded hair dryer is really an effective one. it comes with 2 heat setting (high heat and low heat) and the both setting rated at 1,875 watts that dry your hair very quickly.

The advantage you get with this setting is very important because you need to switch the heat during the drying process when you need and this dryer provides this switching option with a very simple setting.  When you are in a hurry you can use the high heat but if you are not so then I recommend you to use the low heat setting to get your wet hair dry in a natural and synthetic way.

Bonnet Hooded dryer Features

  • 2 heat setting to dry the hair both low and high temperatures. The high heat rated 1,875watts and the low heat rated 900 watts.
  • Carrying handle included carrying the dryer with you
  • Large hood that organizes a set of jumbo rollers
  • Adjustable heat control and easy heat switching setting
  • Portable tabletop hair dryer

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Orion Motor Tech Hooded hair dryer

The first thing about this dryer is it is surprisingly durable. It is manufactured with the stainless steel that ensures not only the durability but also the proper heating rate that is needed to dry your hair in the healthiest way.  It can be your best hooded dryer for home and also perfect for the salon.  This standing hooded dryer is not just a dryer as it makes you facilitated in many ways.  With the swivel hood, a hinged door is there so that you can move or sit comfortably instead of being statue.  The stainless steel heating system includes others hair treatment also that nourish your hair besides drying it. Timer system also included lest you should cause any hair to your hair through overheating.

Orion Motor Tech dryer Features

  • To ensure both durability and proper heating rate it comes with 900 watts heating rate and the stainless heating elements.
  • To avoid any damage to your hair 60 minutes timer is added and provides excellent air coverage to dry your hair in a very natural way.
  • Adjustable heat and height both are consciously organized
  • Flexible swivel casters to move the dryer according to your comfort.
  • Plastic made but stable base.


Gold ‘N’ Hot Elite Hooded hair dryer

Gold ‘N’ Hot Elite Hooded dryer is undoubtedly a super dryer that comes with so many advanced options and settings. With the expanding drying line and super heating rate (1875 watts), it dry the hair very quickly.  the airflow is tourmaline infused to make your hair silky and shiny. It posses 4 styling setting to organize your hair in your own way. The adjustable soft bonnet accommodates the hair to the heating point. An iconic generator also with on/off switch also included.  The base is very stable and you can adjust the dryer according to your comfort.

Gold ‘N’ hair dryer Features

  • Provides the perfect heating rate to dry the hair as quick as possible. The heating rate is 1,875 watts and 4 styling setting also there to organize the hair as your wish.
  • The iconic generator comes with on/off switch so that when is needed you can use it or if not necessary then switch it off.
  • Tourmaline infused airflow that makes the hair more black, silky and shiny.
  • The base is very stable and durable
  • Perfect one for home use.


PEBCO Pro Tools Iconic 2500 stand Hood Dryer 2000 watts

I planned to introduce the expensive ones a bit later because I wanted you to introduce first with some outstanding performers but comes with a very affordable price. Now it is time to enter the elite club and our first member is PEBCO Pro-Tools Iconic 2500 stand Hooded dryer 2000 watts.

You can guess its most special features from its name but that’s not all of course.  I guess you are confused about the heating rate whether it is 200 or 2500! Well, this professional salon dryer balances the heat rating or voltages with the tow speed setting.  These variable temperatures can be controlled with the iconic temperature switching options. You can switch to the 2000 heat rating while drying the hair at the 2500 rating or voltages. This stand dryer also possessed movable wheels to fix it anywhere you like and also has an opening hood.

stand Hood Dryer Features

  • Comes with superheating power. The highest is 2500 watts and the lowest is 2000 watts.
  • 2 switches for timer and indicating the temperature so that you can switch the temperature from high to low or from low to high.
  • Perfect for professional use
  • Dry hair superbly faster
  • Movable wheels with the stand and opening hood with adjustable height.

Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri 1100w Salon dryer with casters

This product is one of the best selling dryers and undoubtedly one of my favorite picks for its outstanding facilities and qualities.  This Italian high-quality dryer despite requires some cautions before use still it is the best one.  the cautions are simple such as you need to use hair net and pinned down the hair before your hair be dealt with it. Though its size seems little uncomfortable but being adjustable you can adjust it in your own way. It also comes with set of wheels so that you can move it and fix where you want.

Now come to the point that its temperature issues. It has several versatile temperatures setting that allows you to control the temperature according to your need.  You can set the time to find the job done perfectly as it goes with 0-60 minutes timer. The heating rate is 1100 even so there no chance of any burn or damage to your hair as you are the controller. For more security, it possessed a warning light that tells you where to stop. Also, it is CE certified.

Pibbs 514 Kwik Dryer Features

  • High-quality premium dryer made in Italy
  • Comes with adjustable size
  • Adjustable portable stand with movable wheels
  • Possessed timer ( 0-60 minutes)
  • Superheating rate with heat controlling setting and warning light
  • CE certified
  • Perfect for professional use and durable
  • Durable height adjustable stand and dryer head visor.


Why a hooded dryer important for you

The hooded dryer is very important especially for the African-American hair for many reasons.  The first reason is the heating system. While heating your hair to dry with an unknown and unexperimented temperature you are doing nothing but damaging your own hair. Hooded hair dryer comes with CE certified experimented with heating rate that not only dries your wet hair quickly also nourish the hair by providing or maintaining the proper nutrient value for the hair. It removes the coarseness and makes the hair shiny and silky by processing the airflow is produced.

To dry your from each and every side properly the hood complies the hair in the heating point and with the heating setting, you can fix the heating rate you need to dry your hair in the healthiest way.  Apart from all of these, you can continue your multitasking while the process goes on instead of being still like a statue. You can have coffee, scroll in your social media news feeds, read newspapers and E-mail and so on. After all these, if you ask me why a hooded hair dryer is important for you then let me ask you why not?

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