10 Best Men’s Back Shavers Reviewed

Hair that grows in some particular parts of the body is not only embarrassing but also hard to reach to shave them. For common parts like face and pubic areas, you are facilitated having several shaving tools. But when it comes to the parts like ‘Back’ we hardly find the best back shaver.  Even in some case hair grows on the back by leaps and bounds that really very disgusting and uncomfortable. In shaving tools back shaver is a new addition and day by day its demands growing up. The reason behind the increasing demands of this tool is that people find their back must be shaved without having any post shaving issues.Best Men's Back Shavers Reviews

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Now the concern is how to determine the best men’s back shaver as so many products are flooding over the market. It’s really important to know the features that make a shaver outstanding performer before buying a back shaver. Moreover, it’s also important to have a basic idea about what is the tool and how it works and which would it the best. If you are tending to purchase a back shaver for the very first time then stay with me to know the nuts and bolts of a back shaver. I am going to introduce you with 10 selected best men’s back shaver including other necessary issues you need to know before you invest.

What is a back shaver?

If you don’t know what is a back shaver and what makes it different from others shavers then you will not able to purchase the right one. Some basic issues should be acknowledged first. A back shaver is a shaving tool but different and unique in terms of design and performance from the common shavers. It is designed and modified only for removing hair, particularly from your back. It comes with the facilities that help it to cover your entire back and make the access easy in the difficult regions.  It accommodates the contours on your back to do its job in the fullest sense.

It is not free to use for any other purpose as its job is fixed. We use to use the shaver for face for legs and other common parts but remember back shaver is not allowed to use in any single part except back. This shaver is ergonomically designed to reach the difficult regions on your back and possessed the kind of blade that fit for removing the kind of hair grows on back. Some of them may be non-electric, louder, and unable to deal thick hair, can’t reach every corner while some of them may be electric, cordless, have free access to reach every region of the back and smoothly do their job and so on. So these distinguish features should be considered in order to select the best back shaver. Keeping that in since I have roamed lots of digital marketing websites and explored the customers’ reviews and checked out the specification and features the shavers possessed and then selected ten best back shavers for men. They are being described in details below.

Best Men’s Back Shavers for 2019

It was a difficult task to select Top 10 best back shavers among lots of products manufactured by well known companies. But eventually I got my best 10 after I made a long time experiment and searching for the best ones. These 10 possess different features and they come with their individual advantages. It’s up to you which advantage you want to make yourself facilitated in some particular case.

Now, I am going to stop beating around the bush and forwarding to the main discussion. Let’s go.

NEW 2019 #1 Pick: The Updated Bakblade 2.0

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Winner, Best Back hair shaver: Bakblade 1.0

In case of Back shaver what I’ve noticed especially that is the simpler the better. This is because you don’t have to style the hair or trim with the complex and sophisticated features as you do with the common shavers. Bakblade is one of these simple and easy Back shavers that finish its job properly without paying any attention to the unnecessary issues. This non-electrical shaver comes with a long handle with 4 inches wide 1.0 blade that combinedly removes the unexpected hair from your back with great ease.

The blade is designed effectively as it comes with the teethed design to remove the thick hair by being gentle on your skin. The shaver equally performs fast both in dry and wet shaving. But dry shaving is perfect when comes to back shaving.  The blade is also replaceable so that you can get always a smooth and gentle shave by replacing the faded blade with the sharp one.

Bakblade 1.0 can be the one you are searching for as it gives the highest performance with the lowest budget. It is simple in use and clean but not that simple when it id to remove the most stubborn hair grows in the most difficult region on your back

Back hair shaver Features

  • Very simple non-electric shaver with long handle to reach every corner of your back
  • 4 inches wide and 1.0 thick replaceable blade that goes very gentle on your skin and gives a very close shave with ease.
  • Very light and fast and made from durable plastic
  • Gives both dry and wet shave


  • Very easy to use and very fast
  • Surprisingly cheap
  • Durable and replaceable blade


  • If not cleaned properly may cause some post shaving issues like itching, acne etc.

Mangrommer- Lithium Max plus Back hair shaver

Mangrommer is a very new shaver but already possessed a very strong position on the market by its outstanding performance. It comes with so many sophisticated technologies and features what the best shaver expected to feature. It is an incredible cleaner for the guys who have the bushy hair on their back.

The first advantage you are going to have with this shaver is that its access. It can easily reach each and every corner from every angle with its 50% wider shaving head including the additional foil back hair groomer head. Another surprise is the power burst mode. With a single press on the button you can on the power button mode that will shave or trim the thickest and coarsest hair from your back.

Among the post-shaving issues most of them caused by the shock. This Lithium Max comes with 2.7 inches ultra wide blade and additional foil groomer head including the multifunctional Flex neck that absorbs shock. By absorbing shock this shaver protest to raise any risk for any shock caused post shaving issues.

Max plus Back hair shaver Features

  • Comes with unique patented design with the power burst button to deals with the thickest stubborn hair on your back.
  • 2 attachment shaving heads. The front one is 50% wider than the previous model and possessed the 2.7 inches ultra-wide back groomer blade. And the second one is an additional foil body groomer head for regular maintenance.
  • Shock absorber multi-functional flex Necks that absorb shock to reduce the risk of any post shaving issues
  • Comes with multi-locking system. Ergonomic Rubberized handle locks and the Pro XL extension lock including the power hinge push lock let you to lock you shaver whenever and wherever you want.
  • Long lasting strong LITHIUM MAX+ battery with the green and red charging signal light.


  • Multi-locking system that allows to get very clean shave in the targeted area
  • Long lasting battery life and fast recharging capacity
  • Charging indicator


  • Quite Expensive

MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

MANGROMMER Essential DO-IT Yourself probably one the best and easiest solution to get rid of the unwanted hair grows on back. The title shows that the shaver let its users shave their back hair themselves with great ease. With the unique patented design, it features some unique technologies and option that really effective to remove your back hair without leaving any chance of post shaving affection.

The shaver can be carried when you off to any place far from your home as it comes with the unique design that allows you to fold flats the shaver. With the long adjustable handle, you can reach any region of your back from any angle. To reach some particular regions where the hair growth is higher than others you can adjust the handle and extend it if you need. If you want to have a clean shave in the targeted place then lock the shaver and shave the region effortlessly.

The blade is 1.5-inch blade that is enough to deal with the thick and stubborn hair with its hypoallergenic feature.


Electric Back Shaver Features

  • Unique patented design with 1,5 inch wide blade to give clean shave even in the bushy areas And remove thick and stubborn hair effortlessly.
  • Adjustable and extendable locking system to fix the shaver in the targeted region.
  • 135 degrees opening that allows the shaver to reach every difficult part from every angle.
  • Can be carried when traveling.


  • Two years warranty
  • Cordless


  • Irreplaceable blade

BRO shave Back hair shaver

Who wants to spend all day shaving their back hair? Apart from it is really boring when you need to shave again and again within a very short period of time. So you need a very fast shaver which gives very clean shave at least for 10-20 days. BRO back hair shaver, in this case, will be the perfect one.

This shaver is undoubtedly one the fastest shavers available on the market. Within a few swipes, you will get your job done. The double edges high stainless safety blades are just peace of mind. You are not going to buy replacement blades frequently making a big hole in your wallet anymore. With this shaver, you will be credited with bunch of free blades. When you got your using blade becomes fade then replace it.

With its premium quality surely you are going to be facilitated with its low cost as well. Its long handle reaches the shaving head every difficult area of your back easily. For its fastest performance, it already possessed a strong position in the customer favorite list.

BRO shave Features

  • Gives both wet a dry shave.
  • Super fast and gives very clean shave even in the bushy areas.
  • It is a DO-IT yourself shaver comes with long handle
  • 2 edges stainless high quality replaceable blades including bunch of free extra blades.
  • Gives smooth and painless shave without leaving any chance of post-shaving issues


  • 60 days money back guarantee with one-year manufacturer warranty.( changeable)
  • Vey light and very fast
  • Get extra 15 high stainless two edges blades
  • Surprisingly cheap


  • No locking system to adjust or extend the shaving head


Mangrommer ultimate pro-DO-IT yourself Electric back hair shaver

Mangrommer Ultimate pro Do it yourself Electric back hair shaver is the result of about ten-year research and experiment. Mangrommer as a brand has established itself as trustworthy source of best men’s back hair shaver by manufacturing one after other outstanding performers. Like the previous one this ultimate pro-DO-it yourself electric shaver also possessed all the new technologies and options. It comes with two interchangeable attachment shaving heads. Both the heads possessed multi-functional flex necks to absorb that absorb the shock to prevent any post shaving affection. To deal with the bushy areas you need to lock the shaving head. On that note, this shaver possessed an extendable ergonomic rubberized handle with multi locking system. Pro XL extension lock and easy push button lock both are added. You can choose any of these to lock the shaving head in your targeted area.

The 1.8-inch ultra wide blade gives you very clean and smooth shaves. In both dry and wet condition the shaver performs equally outstanding.

Mangrommer Back Shaver Features

  • 8 high-quality ultra wide hypo allergenic stainless blade
  • Two shaving head with XL PRO and push button hinges locking system
  • Additional foil body for regular maintenance of shorter hair
  • Multi-functional Flex necks on every shaving head to absorb shock


  • Long lasting battery backup with fastest recharging
  • Give smooth and fast shave possessing two cutting attachment shaving head
  • Gives both dry and wet shave


  • No power burst
  • Little bit expensive

Razorba back hair shaver

It is another simple but outstanding back hair shaver that comes with almost all necessary features. It is available with a very modest price. It runs fast and strong deals with thick and stubborn hair on your back. It catches and accommodates the hair quickly and gives a very close shave both in wet and dry condition.

It has no complex setting or uses rather by being simple to use it possess a very top position on the customers’ favorite list.  The blade is replicable so that you can replace the faded blade with the new sharp one. It gives very smooth shave leaving no chance for any post shaving affection.

Razorba Back Shaver Features

  • Rubberized long handle allows you to grip it firmly
  • Runs fast and gives ease with every shave
  • Affordable replicable blades
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Available with surprisingly low cost
  • Hanging hooks to store blades
  • Works superbly fast


  • Needs gel or cream
  • Not recommended for dry shave

MANGROMMERSKU 211-6 professional DO-IT yourself Electric Back hair shaver

MANGROMMER 211-6 professional Do-IT yourself Electric back hair shaver featured all the options that a best back hair shaver needs to possess. It is probably one of the most advanced back hair shavers available on the market.

With the adjustable non slip rubberize long handle you can reach any difficult region of your back very easily. With non slip rubber you can make your grip strong on the handle to get a quick shave. The handle is extendable and adjustable and with the locking system you can lock the shaving head if you want in a particular part.

This electric shaver comes with a very strong battery that has a long lifespan and recharged very quickly. With the adjustable handle and premium quality blades including the long lasting battery backup you will be facilitated at the highest degree for sure.

MANGROMMERS Electric Back Shaver Features

  • 5 inch extra wide premium quality blade gives extremely close shave with great ease
  • Patented adjustable and extendable two feet long non slip rubberized handle that ensure firm grip and reach any difficult region easily.
  • Handle lock button is consciously included to lock the shaving head in the particular area
  • 135 degree opening to deals with the stubborn and thick hair from any angle.


  • Adjustable rubberize long handle
  • Locking system
  • Long battery backup with quick charging facilities
  • Cordless


  • No power burst
  • Expensive

Philips Norelco Bodygroom series 7100

Do not waste your time looking for the best back hair shavers with the modest invest. Try Philips Norelco Bodygroom BG2040 and make your invest well spent with all its sophisticated facilities.

With plenty of benefits and facilities, this shaver already enters the best ones’ room. It comes with stunning design and gives very close and clean shave without causing any pain or itching. This cordless shaver has a very long battery life span and can shave for 50 minutes at stretch. Also the battery recharged within a very short period of time. the very noticeable thing about this product that it comes a 3D pivoting head with high-quality blade that gives a very close and clean shave with great ease. It gives both dry and wet shave.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver Features

  • Long battery lifespan ( 50 minutes) with quick charging facility
  • 3D pivoting shaving head with wide stainless high quality blade.
  • Gives both dry and wet shaves
  • Gives close and clean shave leaving no risk for any post shaving affection


  • Available with very low price
  • Long battery life
  • Cordless


  • Handle is not adjustable
  • No locking system


It is another longtime researched and experimented back hair shaver manufactured by MANGRUM. This shaver also featured all the new and sophisticated technologies best men’s back hair shaver should posses. It will be your well-spent investment as you are going to get a total clean back hair shave with this shaver. With the LITHIUM MAX battery, you have the longest battery backup ever and also super fast recharges. This advanced innovative back hair shaver comes with two attachment shaving head with ultra wide premium quality blade that ensures the cleanest and smoothest shave you get ever. The handle comes with adjustable and extendable features including multi-locking system. With 135 opening you can reach the difficult areas to get the thickest hair. Multi functional flex necks also there to absorb the shock.

LITHIUM MAX+ Shaver Back Shaver Features

  • Adjustable handle with Pro XL andpush-buttonn easy locking system
  • high-quality premium ultra wide blade
  • 135 degree opening to reach difficult areas and cut stubborn hair from different angle.
  • Multi functional flex necks to absorb shocks
  • Long lasting battery backup with quick-charging facilities.


  • Gives both wet and dry shave
  • Shock absorber
  • Adjustable handle
  • A bit expensive


  • A bit expensive
  • Power burst mode missing

Summary of Men’s back shaver

To sum up the discussion I would like to inform you that all the product described in this guide can be broken into two category : Expensive and affordable. I tried my best to select some affordable product that also hold the almost the same quality as the expensive ones’ possessed. My target is to make you all facilitated with the best product according to your budget and I think I have done it successfully. These ten are really exceptional in every corner. Best men’s back hair shavers are included within a one package so that you needn’t to roam to and fro and can easily select your desired one. Finally, I am going to finish giving you a important information that the warranty and guaranty you have got with the product may vary time to time. It may be lessen or increased. So grab your best back hair shaver as soon as possible.

NEW 2019 #1 Pick: The Updated Bakblade 2.0

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