10 Best Stethoscope for Nursing Students of 2019 – Dr. Zumaira Fatima

A medical student, a student of nursing, nurse, doctor, or any type of medical practitioner whatever you are! You always realize the importance of a stethoscope and not only a stethoscope, the best performing stethoscope. Aren’t you? You know very well, lack of the best performing stethoscope there may absent some important information which is essential in order to a precise diagnosis.Best Stethoscope for Nursing Students

An excellent quality stethoscope can catch the maximum sound from the different surface of the body which helps you know the actual condition of the patient. That is why you must need to have the best stethoscope. But so many manufacturers make different qualities of the stethoscope and all of them are not the best quality. How can you come to know which one will provide the best service?

An important truth is everybody can’t help you choose the best one, especially who are not related to the medical profession. To find out the top performing stethoscope you need to take advice from a medically related wisdom person or you need to research enough. But do you have enough time to research? Maybe not.

In order to help you, we make a list gathering of best stethoscope 2019 of which individual can deliver such performance as you needed. To make the list we really work hard. Considering so many medical practitioners opinion, their actual services, and after a long time research we able to make the list.

We believe this shortlist of the best stethoscope for nurses will introduce you to some exceptional and better quality stethoscope. And obviously taking a decision based on this list will be a wise decision. So, let’s go on the core part.

Best stethoscope for nurses

If somebody addresses you numerous good product, that will be also difficult choosing best one. For that reason, we collect 10 numbers of stethoscopes. Considering color, weight, constructive materials, outlook, and giving best priority to the performance we make this list. We just can say, it will be very difficult and near impossible finding better quality stethoscope outside this list within the price.

3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope

3M Littmann Classic II S.E. StethoscopeThe brand Littmann is the name of faith to the medical practitioner as they produce excellent quality stethoscope. 3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope is widely used as reliable tools for the assessment of the patient and monitoring purpose. Thinking of patient comfort, a nonchill rim and latex-free tubing is used in this stethoscope. As the main function of a stethoscope is to capture sound from inside of the body by placing the stethoscope over the body surface, this machine features high-quality acoustic sensitivity. Dual-sided chest piece and the tunable diaphragm is also used for recording a different type of sound and easy use. The stethoscope comes in different colors such as black, purple, Caribbean blue. According to many medical practitioners, this is one of the best stethoscopes for nursing students in 2019.

Littmann Classic Features:

  • Two-sided chest piece for easy adjustment to the different body surface area.
  • High acoustic sensitivity for hearing clear sound
  • Tunable diaphragm technology
  • Easily adjustable earpiece

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MDF MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Stethoscope

MDF MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head StethoscopeThis dependable stethoscope comes from renown brand MDF. This stethoscope is widely popular with the medically related person not because of its high price but for its great services. It is made up such a way patient feel optimum comfort as well as a nurse also by using the stethoscope. Everybody’s external acoustic meatus is not the same size and thinking this important fact three pairs of different sizes comfortSeal ear tips come with the package.

The dual-headed chest piece is precisely manufactured from the stainless steel part. This part is fully rotatable that helps in capturing pinpoint active sounds and identifying them as precise audibility. This stethoscope is wholly free of latex and has the option of replacing any parts for lifetime free of cost.

MDF MD One Features:

  • 3 different sizes of ear tips for comfortable use.
  • Dual spring technology for advanced durability.
  • Parts replacement for free of cost.

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Dixie EMS Blood Pressure and Sprague Stethoscope Kit

Dixie EMS Blood Pressure and Sprague Stethoscope KitThe manufacturer DIXIE offers you a good quality stethoscope as well as blood pressure tools combined with an affordable price. Blood pressure tool contains, nylon case and cuff, sphygmomanometer, and all require calculating your blood pressure. The stethoscope has two different tubing, 2 sets of easily adjustable ear tips, 3 bells, and 2 diaphragms. This kit is not able to deliver the best quality service that doesn’t mean the stethoscope is lower in quality. Considering economical demand this product is excellent and one of the best stethoscope for nurses 2019. It comes in some different colors which consider as a major factor before buy. So, you can choose your favorite buying this stethoscope.

Dixie EMS BP Features:

  • Extra ear tips, diaphragm, and bell.
  • Affordable price
  • Comes in different colors.

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ADC Adscope Lite 609 Ultra Lightweight Clinician Stethoscope

ADC Adscope Lite 609 Ultra Lightweight Clinician StethoscopeThe ADC Lite 609 stethoscope is very high in quality made up of lightweight aluminum for greater sensitivity. Premium grade tubing, diaphragm, and bell are chill and satin finish with the high-quality aluminum binaural. Ear tips contain adsoft plus silicone which reduces noise and making comfort. Its performance is remarkable and that is why we include this kit in this best stethoscope list. Specially who are an initial level medical practitioner as like nursing student, nurse, paramedics, and so on this stethoscope is considered a one of the best to them? If you are in confused and have any difficulty choosing a better quality stethoscope, it can be your first choice.

ADC Adscope Lite Features:

  • Light in weight
  • Adsoft Plus ear tips can reduce noise.
  • Comfortable for the entry-level medical practitioners.

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Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

Omron Sprague Rappaport StethoscopeOmron Sprague stethoscope is very much popular with different types of a medical practitioner such as nursing students, nurse, medical students, and cardiologist. It receives enough and more than praise than the brand Littman. According to their statements, the stethoscope does work even better than Littman.

Two different tubes are used and able to eliminate all types of noise produced by rubbing. It features high acoustics and easily determines your blood flows as well as any abnormality if present. It can also detect very low pitched and other sound produced by different parts of the body.  If you wanna get a stethoscope that can satisfy you, you can try with this one.

Omron Sprague Features:

  • It has a huge recommendation by many medical practitioners.
  • Comfortable using
  • Dual tubing

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Bojing Dual Head Stethoscope, Black Tube

Bojing Doual Head StethoscopeBojing dual head stethoscope is made up of quality materials. Flexible PVC tube, lightweight, and comfortable single tubing design make the stethoscope good performing and long lasting stainless steel containing diaphragm able to detect high-frequency sounds. On the other hand, small sized bell detects low-frequency sounds. Thinking of patient convenience each piece designed with the chill ring. The stethoscope designed especially thinking about patient comfort and to get the best result. Though its name is not widely spread you never ignore this kit if you just need a good result. Another good news is, it is not most expensive stethoscope it is one of the best performings.

Bojing Dual Head Features:

  • Two-sided chest piece for different are of body surface
  • A tunable diaphragm on both sides.
  • High-quality tubing provides longer life.

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3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope

3M Littmann Classic III StethoscopeThe brand Littman always try to produce a high-quality product and try to keep the price in the lower range. They also do so. Within affordable price about less than hundred dollars, there are so many stethoscopes by the manufacturer but 3M Littmann Classic III is considered as their best.

The stethoscope contains dual sided chest piece of which one is designed for adult and another one is perfect for pediatric patients. An amazing feature is the diaphragm can be customized for capturing high and low sound. The headset of the stethoscope is engineered such a way it will adapt easily to your ears and with the minimum effort you can pull out but you never lose it when you are too busy.

The manufacturer also thinks how it can be made for both patient and medical practitioner friendly. That is why the stethoscope is devoid of latex. Calculation several factors, this is a wonderful and one of the best stethoscope.

Littmann Classic III Features:

  • Dual side chest piece
  • The stethoscope is latex free
  • Pediatric part easily replaceable with the nonchill

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Stethoscope by Vive Precision [Pink] Double Barrel Diaphragm Bell for Nurses

Stethoscope by Vive Precision [Pink] Double Barrel Diaphragm Bell for NursesThis stethoscope is designed for delivering some exceptional performance to the medical practitioners. Both high and low pitched sound can be heard clearly by using the stethoscope. The manufacturer uses high quality dual headed chest piece, high acoustic technology, stainless steel diaphragm, a small bell, and flexible tubing. Tube of the stethoscope is single lumen and pad soft silicon ear tips help in preventing unwanted sound. Dual ring using this stethoscope doesn’t work as cold against the skin temperature. After all, it is an excellent stethoscope. Another advantage is it comes to you with two different colors pink and black.

Stethoscope by Vive Features:

  • High-quality acoustics for capturing sound clearly.
  • Convenience for both patients and it’s users.
  • Light in weight

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ADC Adscope 615 Platinum Professional Clinician Stethoscope with Tunable AFD Technology

The reason for buying any product is its quality. Similarly, there also has some reason selecting this stethoscope in this list. Its quality already expressed to its name in short. Yes, it is platinum professional clinician stethoscope. Most of the users of this stethoscope are satisfied by using.

Soft ear tips easily adapt to the ear which is necessary to hear the precise sound. Single lumen rubber tube contains in this stethoscope. The stethoscope is featured a single earpiece but it is capable of capturing multi-frequency sounds. It is able to recognize any sounds by a simple pressure change. So, one piece is not a major fact but the major fact is performance.

ADC Adscope 615 Features:

  • Adjustable frequency design provides an acoustic response
  • You get two sets of extra ear tips
  • Adsoft plus silicon earpiece for the user’s

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Ultrascope Adult Stethoscope

The ultrascope adult stethoscope is single sided pressure sensitive acoustic and cardiology quality stethoscope. Each and every stethoscope from the manufacturer comes in multiple color and hand painted and also with extra ear tips. It can be widely used in case of complete assessment of heart and lungs sounds not only in human but also in the animal patient. The stethoscope is such a good quality when recording of sound from the skin contact is not possible it can capture even through thick cloths. The stethoscope is not engineered for a specific purpose and that is why all medical practitioners such as nursing student, nurse, cardiologist, pediatrician, anesthesiologist, veterinarians can use it all the way.

Ultrascope Adult Features:

  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Comfortable for both patients and users
  • Come with extra ear tips.

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Why do you buy an expensive stethoscope?

There are so many stethoscopes ranging from low to high expensive. But do you ever think which one would be best for you? If you choose low prices stethoscope you need to face so many inconveniences to the assessment of patients. On the other hand, high expensive stethoscope always demands big budget. You may not ready for the budget and if you find a quality full stethoscope with a moderate budget, why would you go for high expensive? But, need to keep in mind that a good quality product always requires a good budget but it can be sometimes high expensive sometimes not. Our listed products offer you good quality with an expensive and affordable price. But you notice our products are not highly expensive. Think, you can buy a product at the very low price but it will unable to provide you expected service, so what reason you buy the product? So, to get expected service and best performance you need to expend an standard money that may be expensive but you surely get the best services.

What factors should consider before buying a stethoscope?

You definitely want a good quality stethoscope but, do you never observe its aesthetic part? And, surely you really want a long lasting as well as a comfortable using stethoscope. So, we tried to point out its external parts chest piece, diaphragm, earpiece, tubing and all need to be the best quality.

Earpieces, almost all quality full earpieces are decorated with soft and comfortable ear tips, on the other hand, some stethoscope has hard consistency ear tips which produce pain in the ear. If you don’t want to face this painful situation try to choose a stethoscope which is accessible with interchanging earpieces.

Secondly, need to check its chest piece. Some of the chest pieces are one headed and others are double headed. In case of double-headed chest piece, one side has bell and diaphragm belongs to another side, on the other hand, a single-headed has both bell and diaphragm on one side. Which one of them seems comfortable and easy to use, choose that one.

The diameter of the chest piece is also important and you should notice it before buying a stethoscope. Different stethoscopes come with different earpiece diameter. Maybe you know 35mm chest piece is widely used over the world at the same time some specialist also prefer 45mm chest piece. So, you should choose a stethoscope which is chest piece interchangeable.

Tubing style and length should consider before buying a stethoscope. Most of the cases, best stethoscope comes with 22 to 28 inches tubing length. If you buy a long tubing stethoscope, it can better drapes around the neck and you can maintain standard distance from contagious patients. Some stethoscope comes with double tubing and may produce noise by rubbing that may interfere your measurement. So, before choosing double tube stethoscope, ensure that it will never produce noise.

Final recommendation

We hope you already find the best stethoscope from our guide which can help you in your profession. But, somebody feels hesitation before selecting one in where ten numbers of best-performing stethoscopes are there. If you are facing the same problem we are here to help you. Our using experience says all the stethoscope here is undoubtedly best performing but there has one which is exceptional to others.

We are talking about 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope and it can help you greatly knowing the condition of patients. Constructive materials used in the stethoscope are high in quality, comfortable in use. Its sound quality is just extraordinary. If you have any dissatisfaction using a stethoscope, you are advised to use 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope and compare it with the others by its performance. We hope, it can satisfy you which way it fulfills our expectation with the services.

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