9 Surprising Health Benefits of Guyabano Leaves Tea & Side effects

Tea is the most energetic drink all over the world. After waking up in the morning, one cup tea is enough to refresh you for the rest of the day. Most of the people drink tea from tea leaves, but there are some other beneficial leaves are available for making tea. Those teas are very good for our health. Guyabano leaves tea is one of them.

Guyabano is a fruit tree of about 5 to 7m height. It is an all-rounder tree since each part of the tree can be used for various diseases cure. We can call many other names of this tree such, as guanabana, pawpaw mullaathaa, hanumanfal and soursop. This tree is mainly grown in the tropical climate area. People have been started cultivation of Guyabano tree in Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Health Benefits of Guyabano Leaves Tea

Now, we are going to share about 9 Surprising Health Benefits of Guyabano Leaves Tea.

Guyabano Tea Benefits

Guyabano tea leaves are used for many medicinal substances for over centuries. These leaves contain plentiful vitamin C, vitamin B, thiamin, calcium, fiber, riboflavin, iron, zinc and other nutrients on it. The best way to get these nutrients from guyabano leaves by making tea from it. Here are some health benefits of Guyabano tea stated below:

1. Guyabano tea for cancer

In the worldwide, Guyabano tea is commonly known as a cancer remedy. Many people claimed that the tea can decrease the growth of cancer cells and cures gradually. Moreover, this tea can fight against many types of cancerous cells like breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and others.

To get the full benefits of this tea, you need to drink it on regular basis for a couple of weeks. Take three glasses of water and 10-12 guyabano leaves and boil it together. Boil for 10 to 15 minutes to reduce the amount of water. Drain the tea and drink it in the morning and evening as well.

2. Guyabano leaves for UTI

UTI means Urinary Tract Infections is the most common disease caused by microbes. When you are passing urine you feel burning, blood in urine, bad smell from urine, pelvic pain for women and rectal pain for men, that means you are going through the UTI diseases.

Guyabano leaves are the best example of a home remedy of UTI cure. These leaves have antimicrobial compounds, Vitamin C that helps to cure Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

3.  Reduces the level of blood sugar

For reducing the sugar level of our blood, we can intake guyabano tea in daily. It really helps to keep sugar or glucose control.

Sourpop tea has lots of niacin on it. This niacin keeps controlling high blood pressure or cholesterol level. For this reason, heart disease and sudden heart attack risk can be minimizing by drinking this herbal tea.

4. Guyabano tea for weight loss

Weight loss or diet is a regular process, it doesn’t come in one day. A healthy diet plan can help you to reduce obesity. Guyabano tea is a powerful herbal drink that can help to boost our metabolism and reduce hunger. This healthy drink has natural mineral content that can reduce extra fat and calories.

5. Improves immune system

For leading a healthy life, a good immune system of a liver is very much needed. Guyabano leaves tea has many vitamins and antioxidants as well. Antioxidants can fight against with free radicals. These free radicals are responsible for chronic organ dysfunctions, health disorders, and aging. Regular taking sourpop tea can improve the immune system and keep ourselves healthy.

6. Guyabano leaves for diabetes

Diabetic is a condition when excess sugar or glucose produce in our blood. We need sugar for our energy but excess sugar damage some particular organs of our body. That’s why we should check the sugar level in a regular basis and need to control it. Guyabano leaves help to reduce the sugar level from the blood.

7. Prevents Pregnancy Complications

In the period of pregnancy, a pregnant woman needs enough folic acid, vitamin, iron, zinc etc. Guyabano tea has folate that helps to prevent iron deficiency at this time.

8. Prevents anemia

Nowadays many people have iron deficiency. When there is a lot of deficiency then there is a disorder called anemia. If one can take guyabano tea regularly this problem may cure. Guyabano leaves have lots of iron extracts on it.

9. Increase Breast Milk Production

For a newborn baby, mother’s breast milk is the main source of taking food and nutrient as well. By the age of 2, there is a need to take adequate breast milk to prevent a baby’s growth, immune system and disease. A new mother can take guyabano tea for increasing breast milk production.

How to make guyabano leaves tea

Super easy to make Guyabano leaves tea. Need to follow some small step to make this beneficial tea.


  • A handful of dried guyabano leaves
  • Water
  • Sugar or honey (optional)


  • First boil the water properly
  • Now mixed the dried leaves on boiling water
  • Reduce the fire and cover the pot for 10-15 minutes.
  • Pour the mixture into a glass and let it be cool.

You can drink the tea in raw flavor or for a better taste; you can mix 1 or 2 spoon sugar or honey on it. Honey is more nutrient for our health and also better for sore- throat and boosts your immune system.

Guyabano tea side effects

At this time we know that soursop tea is a healthy natural herbal beverage but still has some side effects on health. These are:

  • Who have low blood pressure: As we know, guyanabo tea is very good for control blood sugar. So they have low blood pressure, they should avoid this tea
  • Excessive taking: Daily drink 1 or 2 glass or cup of guyabano tea is ok. But excessive taking can lead you to danger.
  • Taking a long period: If anyone takes this tea for a particular disease remedy then should maintain a certain time period. Taking a long time may cause fungal infection on the body.

Guyabano tea for sale

After knowing the tremendous benefits of Guyabano leaves tea has a huge demand all over the world. Now we can get this tea on many websites like Amazon, eBay etc. Or you can find this in a large drug store or super shops near your area.

Final verdict

Guyabano or soursop leaves tea has powerful herbal medicinal benefits. Not only are the leaves its all parts used for various health purposes such as bark, roots, and seed also. Soursop is a very delicious fruit. You can eat the fruit when it is ripe. Or make smoothies and dessert with the fruit.

A healthy person who has no medical complication can drink 1 or 2 cups of Guyabano tea in daily. If you want to take this tea for a special benefit or healing of the disease, first consult with a doctor.

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