17 Health Benefits of Bathua and Side Effects (Chenopodium Album)

Bathua or Chenopodium album is taken mainly for getting health benefits. Today we discuss the Amazing Health Benefits of Bathua (Chenopodium Album) & It’s Side Effects. We can get the health benefit of Bathua or Chenopodium album if we follow the instructions very carefully. This food contains a great amount of nutritional elements that can cure you from various diseases and also keep you away from them. So let’s start the discussion Amazing Benefits of Chenopodium Album & Its Side Effects.

What Is Bathua?

Bathua is an annual weedy plant that grows in waste places and with other cultivated crops and is known by many common names such as White goosefoot, pigweed or lamb’s quarters. It is the regional Indian name for Chenopodium album which is one of the most widely distributed species of weeds in the world. Bathua is commonly found in Australia, India, South Africa and America. It is primarily a weed of agronomic and horticultural crops, nurseries, and occasionally pastures.

Amazing Health Benefits of Bathua (Chenopodium Album)

Amazing Health Benefits of Bathua (Chenopodium Album)

Chenopodium album is widely cultivated and consumed in Northern India as food crops and the leaves are consumed as the vegetable, raita (curd) and paratha (flatbread). The seeds are nutritionally superior to wheat, rice and corn. Bathua seeds are very nutritious and contain whole set of essential amino acids. It can be ground to make flour. This can be used to make bread or roti. Seeds are also prepared as the soup, fermented beverage, porridge, alcoholic drink etc. It is useful for improving appetite or treating laxative, parasitic infestation, and for improving general health.

Common Names of Bathua

  • Scientific name: Chenopodium album
  • English: lamb’s quarters, melde, goosefoot, fat-hen, white goosefoot, pigweed
  • Spanish: campo; cenizo; salado; quinoa; quniqua del quniquilla; yuyo blanco, chual;
  • French: anserine blanche; farineuse ; chenopode blanc;
  • Portuguese: acarinha-branca; catassol
  • Local Common Names
  • Brazil: ancarinha-branca
  • Denmark: hvidmelet gaasefod
  • Italy: farinaccio; selvatico
  • Norway: meldestokk
  • Japan: akaza; shiroza
  • Finland: jauhosavikka
  • Germany: Gemeiner gansefuss; Weisser Gansefuss
  • India: bathu; bathua; chandan bathua; jhil; kulf; pappu kura; parupu kire; vastuk
  • Netherlands: luismelde
  • South Africa: withondebossie
  • Sweden: svinmalla; vitmalla

Bathua Nutrition facts

Chenopodium album has some medicinal properties like anthelmintic, antiphlogistic, antirheumatic, contraceptive, laxative, odontalgic etc. It is used in piles, dysentery, anorexia and hiccup and in the treatment of bug bites, sunstroke, urinary problems, skin problems etc. It’s also said to have sedative and refrigerant properties to soothe burns. Flowers and buds are used in stomach trouble, weakness in children and for reducing fats.

Nutritional Value of Bathua leaves & Seeds

Several studies found that mature bathua leaves are higher in magnesium, calcium, and sodium, whereas young leaves are higher in copper and iron.

In per hundred grams of edible Bathua leaves there is about:

  • Water 84 grams
  • protein 4.3 g
  • energy 44 kcal
  • carbohydrate 7g
  • fiber 2.1 g
  • iron 4g
  • Calcium 280 mg
  • fat 0.8 g
  • Phosphorous 81 mg
  • 300 IU
  • Riboflavin 0.4 mg
  • Vitamin A 11
  • niacin 1.3 mg
  • Vitamin C 90 mg
  • thiamine 0.15 mg

If we calculate per hundred grams seeds of cultivated variety there is about: Energy 400 kcal, fat 7 g, carbohydrate 66 g, Protein 16 g.

Health Benefits of Bathua (Chenopodium Album)

Chenopodium album or bathua has so many health benefits for human body. It is very rich in various nutrients like proteins, vitamins like vitamin C and minerals like iron, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. As it has a very high nutritive value and medicinal properties, Chenopodium album or bathua is used in the preparation of many traditional medicines. So people can use bathua as a good option for medical purposes.

Cures Constipation

If you have irregular diet or you do not have fiber or water in food then you could be affected by constipation. It can cause painful diseases like piles or anal fissure. Bathua has high fiber contents that help to smooth the bowel movements. A good start in the day makes everything easy and perfect. Bathua helps to maintain the level of right fiber in the body.

How to take it:

  • Make juice from bathua leaves
  • Drink it in every morning in empty stomach.

Blood Purifier

Now-a-days, teenagers feel worried about their looks and appearance. They become stressed if a pimple or acne pops out from the face which mainly results from blood impurity due to eating junk foods or drinking less water. Bathua can purify the blood properly and keep you away from these skin diseases.

Rich In Vitamin C

Bathua is very helpful for your bone and teeth because it is rich in vitamin C. The vitamin properties also act like immune stimulator and also antioxidant. It helps for the production of connective tissue and collagen production. As a result, vitamin C is essential in creating skin and scar tissue. Vitamin C will also help with repairing and creating blood vessels, repairing damaged capillaries after injury. Thus, Bathua takes to care for your daily dose of Vitamin and other benefits related to it.

Improve Haemoglobin Level

Bathua contains lot of iron in it which helps to increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood. Iron level helps to bend your muscles and helps to metabolize your brain because iron carries oxygen to the bloodstream that is very important for the brain’s health. Bathua also helps to prevents various iron deficiency diseases like Leukemia, gastritis and even cancer.

Rich in Amino Acids

The amino acid property in Bathua is a great element for helping the body for breaking down foods and for mending body tissues, especially in the muscles, bones, skin. It also helps to play a main role in transferring and keeping storage of nutrients elements.

Protects liver

Most of the elders now-a-days suffer from liver damages because of improper hygiene or drinking too much alcohol. Bathua helps to protect liver against such factors and also from toxicity caused by various drugs like paracetamol and other medicines. Bathua also helps to reduce liver enzymes that are responsible for liver damage.

How to take it:

  • Make 10-15ml of juice from mild leaves and stalks
  • Add with a pinch of rock salt to the juice.
  • Take three times a day after taking meals.

Keeps Digestive System Healthy

It is very necessary to keep your digestive system healthy in order to reduce many problems related to the stomach and rectum. Disruptions in your digestive system can turn your beautiful day into a nightmare. Problems In digestive system can be solved just by an intake of 10ml Bathua leaves juice which acts as a sedative for problems of a stomach.

Dental Health

It is a very annoying problem having a bad breath. Especially it feels wired when someone is having a face to face conversation with this problem. Bad breath not only makes you feel bad in front of others but also destroys a nice impression. Eating Bathua leaves can help reducing bad breath, bleeding of gums, sensitive tooth and other dental problems.

For Piles

As Bathua helps to keep your digestive system healthy and regulate proper bowel movements, therefore, it also helps those who are suffering from piles. Piles are a very painful disease which causes irritation and iciness in the passage of rectal discharge. You just need to eat Bathua two times a day, on a daily basis to get away from this disgusting and most annoying disease.

Good for Diabetes

Diabetes is now a common disease among all types of people, mainly elders, around the world. There is a negative relationship between taking bathua leaves regularly and getting diabetes as a disease. Bathua leaves are also helpful in reducing blood sugar levels and thus help to reduce diabetes and the other complications which are related to it. But it is better to consult a doctor before consumption as diabetes patients need to follow a balanced diet and medicine.

How to take it:

  • Take some leaves and make raw juice from them
  • You can add lemon juice to it with small amount
  • Take two times in morning and evening.


Reduces Swellings

Swellings can cause internally because of inflammation or building up of fluids or externally due to insect bites or injury. Sometimes these swellings can be very painful. Bathua can help to treat all kinds of swelling whether internal or external. So, you can use bathua leaves to reduce swellings.

Promotes eye health

Children now-a-days are so obsessed with technological devices that they lose their eyesight at an early age. The zinc and iron content in Bathua helps to keep our eyesight better as any deficiency in the level of iron and zinc in our body can have an adverse effect in our eyes as well. So if you want to keep your vision healthy, you can take Bathua as a supportive food as well as a medicine.

Good for hair

“A princess with long, silky, black hair” were heard mainly in stories and fairy tales but in reality, few people have possession of such beautiful hair. Bathua can play a very effective role to take care of your hair health. Bathua is rich in protein, minerals, and vitamin which help to strengthen hair from the roots, reduce hair fall and make them shiny.

Prevents breast cancer

Breast cancer is the more common disease in elderly women. It accounts for 16% of all female cancers and 22.9% of invasive cancers in women. 18.2% of all cancer deaths worldwide, including both males and females, are from breast cancer. Studies have proved that Bathua leaves helpful against breast cancer. There is an inverse relationship between taking bathua and developing the risk of getting breast cancer. They prevent the development of estrogen hormones that are responsible for cancer.

Good for kidneys: Kidney failure can result in the problem of blood supply and proper flow of urine, thus weakening your body. Bathua can also help in getting rid of kidney stones and in treating infections of the urinary tract like UTI.

How to take it:

  • Take mild leaves and stalks and crush them to make raw juice from it.
  • Drink 10-15 gm of the juice daily
  • You can drink it with or without water.

Treats diarrhea

Diarrhea is common in developing and under developing countries and has resulted in the death of many children previously. Along with constipation and piles, Bathua leaves are helpful in curing diarrhea as well. It produces a better result if Bathua leave is boiled and consumed twice daily. You can overcome the disease very quickly if you take bathua as a substitute food of medicine.

Reduces gastric and acidity: As Bathua helps against constipation and keeps our digestive system healthy, therefore, it prevents gastric and acidity from building up. The anti-acidity compound of bathua can help to reduce acidity problem.  It also helps to relieve against the pain caused due to poor digestion.

Side Effects of Chenopodium Album (Bathua)

  • Bathua leaves contain great amount of oxalic acids. Oxalates are rich in leaves followed by flowers and stem. Oxalic acid has the tendency of binding with calcium and this decreases the availability of calcium.
  • The seeds of plant have contents of an abortifacient. They can cause abortion. Therefore, Bathua should be ignored during pregnancy as it can cause a harmful situation to pregnant women.
  • If you consume Bathua in an excessive amount, it can lead to stomach problems and even lead to gastric pain.
  • If Bathua leaves are eaten in excess they can lead to photosensitivity or rash on exposure to the sun. So, you should eat this moderately.
  • Chenopodium album or bathua flowers produce pollen which can be allergic to some people and even it can develop allergies like hay fever. People who are allergic to bathua should avoid taking it.

Note: As you know, bathua has many health benefits that you can get those by taking its leaves. But there are also some side effects of bathua. So, if you are not careful about consuming it, that can make harm to your health some time. So, it is highly recommended for you that you should take bathua leaves with doctor’s advice if the disease is a serious health issue.


So, this is the list of “Amazing Health Benefits of Bathua (Chenopodium Album) & Its Side Effects.” If you have read the whole article carefully, now you can able to know how important role Bathua can play over our health. Bathua or chenopodium album is not an expensive leaf at all to afford and you can find it in almost every place of your place. So start using bathua regularly to get all of these Health Benefits of Bathua (Chenopodium Album).

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