12 Health Benefits of Blood Orange and Nutrition Facts

Blood Orange Health benefits


Orange is a very common and popular fruit all over the world.

It is a very juicy fruit which provides a quick energy as well as lots of vitamins.

Almost, there is none but love to eat oranges as a snack. IF anyone takes one or two oranges in his/her breakfast it will be an aid for them to build a sound health. Orange is such a citrus which commonly taken as a juice but most of the people are not well known for its health benefits and its protest against lots of fatal diseases. So, Orange should be taken in a standard quantity. We are going to share some exceptional health benefits of orange which may be unknown to most of you.

Blood Orange Health benefits

Blood Orange Health benefits

At first, lets we know about what’s kind of vitamin an orange contains:

Well,  Orange is well known and renowned for its concentration of vitamin C.

But it also contains some very important vitamins and nutrient such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Copper, potassium, Fiber, folate, calcium, pantothenic acid etc.

Some noteworthy health benefits of Oranges are described below:

Healing phytonutrient

In this case,  Firstly we have to confess that sometimes an orange is more nutrient than orange juice. Because the inner white pulp and the peel of an orange contains a very important nutrient element named Phytonutrients. It can be defined as a flavonoid that means it includes molecules hesperidin and naringenin, anthocyanin, hydrodynamic acids, and a variety of polyphenols and the combination of these nutrients make understandable the principal elements as well as the major antioxidants of Orange that means Vitamin C

Antioxidants Protection and Immune Support

People generally think that Vitamin is important but they do not know which vitamins are important for what and how much. For Instance, you may have known Vitamin C is an important element but do you know how much important it is for some specific and individual perspectives regarding health and the human body. since vitamin C is the initial water soluble antioxidants, it disarming free radicals and prevent aqueous circumstances both inner and outer cells. Free radicals cause cancer by damaging DNA, especially in inside cells. Where turnover is rapid and DNA mutation is been prevented it gradually translate into cancer. So, taking Vitamin C, in this case, can reduce the risk of colon cancer.

When free radicals cause painful inflammation by damaging the cellular structure and preventing other molecules one should take oranges as it is a great source of Vitamin C which can be associated with it in order to get rid of this pain.

Another noteworthy issue is that, a proper healthy immune system needs a proper amount of Vitamin C. In order to prevent cold and ear infections Vitamin C works as a vital protection.

Lower cholesterol

Cholesterol is oxidized by free radicals. Cholesterol stick on the artery wall by this oxidation, since vitamin C can neutralize free radicals, it can help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol and as a result plaques are been built which gradually get larger and impeded the blood flow. When the blood flow is fully blocked one gets heart attack or stroke. As we early mentioned that Vitamin C strongly prevent free radicals so by neutralizing the oxidation of cholesterol an as well as preventing free radicals orange has a great contribution in stroke removing as it is a good source of Vitamin C.

A glass of orange juice is More effective than Vitamin C Alone

There are many sources of vitamin C or You may consume it in an unabated manner but keep it in sense that a glass of orange is more protective than an unabated Vitamin C. Because a Fresh organic orange Juice contains not only Vitamin C but also many others nutrient elements alongside Vitamin C which are very effective in maintaining a sound health and protecting many fatal diseases.

A good protector of cardiovascular disease

Having  170  different phytonutrients and more than 60 flavonoids which have anti-inflammatory, antitumor, and blood clot inhibiting properties and strong antioxidants orange can be considered as a strong protector of cardiovascular diseases.

Skin protector

Vitamin C can protect skin from damage caused by sun and pollution. As it a vital element in producing collagen and removing wrinkles, it can beautify the skin and protect it from damage and infection.

Diabetes controller

Fiber, which helps in lower blood sugar levels are high oranges. People with Type 1 diabetes have to keep lower sugar levels in blood and Type 2 have to improve sugar lipids and insulin level.  For both Type 1 and Type 2 consumption of oranges is very effective. Along with other citrus fruits, Orange is listed as a superfood for the people suffering from diabetes by the American diabetes association.

Help in weight loss and Digestion

Being high in fiber Oranges are very effective in digesting food and as a low-fat fruit it is also good for losing weight. Orange has the low glycemic index and full of rich nutrient elements. SO it is an ideal food for reducing obesity which causes heart disease, cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.


besides vitamin C, orange contains rich Vitamin A also which contains carotenoid compounds such as, lutein, beta-carotene, etc. Age-related macular degeneration and incurable blurs central vision can be prevented by these content.

Consumption of oranges can also help to brighten your eyebrows and improve your night vision. American optometric association reports that oranges which contain vitamin C and A is very helpful to reduce cataracts and reduce the risk of macular degeneration.

Whether orange peels are contaminated or edible

Orange peels are not poisonous. They are neither sweet nor juicy as the pulp but edible. Though they are difficult to digest but contain some very important nutrient elements. Orange peel is high in fiber, even it contains more fiber than the inner pulp. It is antihypertensive and anti-inflammatory effects which help to reduce pressure on the heart. Apart from, Orange peel contains Vitamin A, C B6, B5, riboflavin, thiamin; niacin; and folate. As it is difficult to digest the peel so there is a way to get these nutrient elements. You have to eat the inner part of the peel and avoid the tough outer part. It is bitter and sour but contains much vitamin and nutrient elements as the fruit contains itself.

Health risk

Already, you have known the health benefits of oranges from the above conversation but it may cause health risk if you don’t take it in moderation. Too many consumptions of oranges may bring side effect for your health. Excess eating of orange produces excess fiber which may resist your digestion system as well as leading to diarrhea.

Undoubtedly, Oranges are effective in reducing weight but it excess eating, on the other hand, causes weight gain.  Having more than 2000 gm vitamin C in a day increase health risk and causes many fatal diseases such as Diarrhea, vomiting, heartburn, nausea, headache, insomnia,  and kidney stone.

As it is a highly acidic fruit, it causes especially heartburn and very risky for the person who already suffered from this disease. Beta-blocker takers, however, should not take too many oranges because it increases potassium level and if it mixes with other fruit which contains potassium may cause excess potassium level in the body. IF so and if the person who has excess potassium level, as well as malfunction kidney, may suffer seriously as extra potassium is difficult to remove.

Some other facts about oranges

Oranges originated first in South Asia and from there it speared to India. The word ‘orange’ which is generally a color name derived from the fruit and another interesting issue is that this word picked up from the Arabian word ‘narange’ and gradually enter into English by loosing the initial ‘n’ and used as name of a color firstly in 1542.

There are 2 types of orange (Bitter and sweet). And the sweet oranges are commonly consumed throughout the world and bitter oranges are used to make jam and jelly.

Basically, it is a modified berry and containing Vitamin and remarkable nutrient contents.

At, the end one thing have to mention that, though some common fruits like oranges are consumed in a huge rate without knowing its health benefits and moderation the consumption sometimes may not bring expected outcomes. Fruits are very natural but sometimes food which is made by fruits like orange juice from orange may be contaminated for increasing taste and mixed up chemical by some greedy and dishonest companies.

So,  beware while buying and eating them. A fresh homemade orange juice or orange is very beneficial for health but before consuming one should what kind of vitamins and nutrient elements it contains and for what it consuming especially exceptional. SO, We hope this article may be helpful for you in this case. Is there anything more you need to know please let us know and your feedback makes us more confident to make you sure by informing safe information regarding health and diseases initial remedies. Take care.