10 Impressive Health Benefits of Lassi

Benefits of Lassi


What kind of health drinks are you up to? Is it protein shake or some sort of energy drink? If positive, then it’s time you rethink about it for a while. Because, lassi, which we are going to talk about today, is way better as a health drink from all aspects. Lassi benefits are immense, even a glass of lassi after every meal can bring you a charmer and healthier look. Why and how? Well, we will tell you.

A Bit About the Lassi and It’s Origin

Before proceeding to its details benefits, let me tell about the drink itself first.

Lassi it’s an ancient Punjabi drink that is originated and evaluated in Indian Sub-continent and expanded its range internationally after the British Empire. Typically, lassi is being drunk in summer across the globe.

It’s basically a yogurt drink which is prepared from curds. In the very basic, it’s churned to a thick and creamy taste with a little bit addition of water.

Sometimes, we confuse Lassi with buttermilk. But let me tell you, they are way different.

Sometimes, across the Indian subcontinent, lassi is flavored by rose syrup or khus, Kesar, ripe mango, pineapples and much more. They just add variation to its taste.

10 Health Benefits of Lassi

Benefits of Lassi
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1# It’s A Health Drink by Ingredient

I’ve already claimed that lassi is good, in fact, better health drink that protein shake and all. The reasons behind lies in its formula of ingredient. It’s made of such item that contains ample amount of Protein, Carbohydrates, Vitamin A and B and riboflavin. If you’re not even a neutrino, you may know how each of this element positively effects pour immune and digestive system.

#2 A Powerful Coolant and Digestive

We, urban people, have one of the common problems of digestion complicacy. Instead of al hate typical medicines and syrups, if we’d have tried lassi before, I can bet you’d be already free of these problems.

Because lassi itself is a great stomach coolant and digestive catalyst. Mixed with salt/rock salt and cumin/jeera, I can do it’s magic on the stomach. Also, added coriander, mint leaves, and chopped onions can beat harder digestion problems.

Besides, while it’s summer, glass of cold lassi can keep you cool and fresh.

#3 Reduce Cholesterol and Boost Up Body Metabolism

Even in America, some people love the lassi in a traditional Indian way. Made in such way, it’s made of curds and remains probiotic for long. What I mean is, it gets full of friendly bacteria which helps a lot in reducing cholesterol and increase body metabolism.

#4 Boiled Mango with lassi to Avoid Sunstroke

As you’ve seen before, if you add different food elements with lassi, a newer benefit comes out of it. Same goes to the case when you add boiled mango to lassi. A few pulps of the boiled raw mango on the lassi can make it’s benefit double. Taking a glass of this lassi will avoid sunstroke in summer outings.

#5 Improved Digestion and Appetite

Ginger has its own benefits and perks to health. But being added to such a healthy drink as lassi, it gets even greater.Add a few grated gingers to a well-prepared lassi and see it’s cooling properties gets enhanced. It not only makes the body cool and calm, but also improvs digestion, body appetite, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

#6 A Doctor to the Stomach

Lassi itself is a natural remedy to many of the problems regarding stomach. This list includes problems like bloating of stomach, stomach disorders, constipation and many more. Drinking a glass of this after you get up in the morning every day, can keep your stomach healthy for the entire day.

#7 A Blessing from the Ancient Ayurveda

Cultured Yogurt is a part and parcel of ancient Ayurveda. For people who don’t know Ayurveda, it’s the science of herbal treatment for human diseases and improved metabolism.Lassi, an age-long popular health drink, had been directly generated from the science of ancient Ayurveda. Because of the bacteria and probiotics found in the mixture of lassi, it comes with all goods that ancient Ayurveda would deliver.

#8 Get A Direct Remedy from Acidity

We can’t count the amount of junk, spices and other harmful ingredients that we cosine with regular food every day. Consuming that much of junk can severely harm every single system of our body.But the remedy is just a few thoughts away from you and me. One of the lassi benefits is it works as a junk cleaner from our body. A glass of cold, refreshing lassi can wash away all those spices and junks from our daily food consumed and refresh the stomach. So, added tension of acidity and other digestive diseases get way lower eventually.

#9 An Improved Immune System

One of the main nutrition element is the Vitamin D in Lassi. It comes from the lactic acid which is one fundamental element of the drink. However, because of the presence of ample amount of Vitamin D, human immune system gets boosted up a lot.Typical health problems like bacterial infection, common cold etc. gets deduced by a significant rate and the entire immune systems get improved to the next level.

#10 A Tonic to Weight Loss

Lassi is a drink that contains almost no fat and a low number of calories. In fact, it washes down the fat away. Specially, it takes the fat from the wall of the stomach when falling down through your throat.

That’s the top 10 lassi benefits that we think will impress most. Although, there are tons of other benefits that you should know. But as a lassi lover myself, I think these 10 are enough to get you a habit of a glass of lassi each day.

A List of 5 Most Health-friendly Lassi

Till now, we’ve talked about the health benefits of lassi and its variants. But if you’re a non-Punjabi, all those variants should be quite unfamiliar to you. Specially, in case when you don’t know what to mix with lassi to get rid of acidity and what to mix in case of weight loss.

So, as a concluding part of the article, let’s share some amazing lassi formalize who are specialized in different health issues-

  1. Classis Lassi: It’s an epic to chill down yourself and your body in a hot summer day. Surprisingly, the classic recipe is too easy to make it at home. A glimpse on the recipe and I think anyone would be up for it.
  2. Mint Lassi: It’s a special summer cooler that has refreshing mint leaves added with some zong. It’s widely popular amongst the western Europe.
  3. Avocado Lassi: Avocado Lassi is a smoother creamier version of Classic lassi which is blended with butter and delicious fruits. Talking about the taste, this lassi is the best one.
  4. Banana Walnut Lassi: Classic lassi is giving a nutritious boost with the rich flavor of banana and the goodness of walnuts. In together, it boosts the nutrition of the drink itself and the consumer’s health as well.
  5. Mango Lassi: Do you love mango? Then you’ll love a glass of mango lassi even more. While the mango takes on the flavor of that good old lassi and gets mixed with creamy yogurt and pulpy, it’s almost to the heaven.

Side Effects of Lassi

Nothing is an unmixed blessing. Like almost every other fruit and health drinks, lassi has a few drawbacks of itself too.

Due of irregular and overdosed lassi consumptions, there can be-

  • Diarrhoea in children.
  • Can increase vaginal Yeast infection.
  • Over consumption can cause weight gain in people, especially children.
  • Excess consumption can lead to constipation.
  • Can affect negatively on the health of people who has recurring acidity and hyper acidity issues.
  • People who have arthritis problem for a long time, should avoid lassi on regular basis.


It’s okay to have a few drawbacks due to inappropriate and over consumption of lassi. But think about all those lassi benefits and how it can bring back your health and keep your body away from all those dangers.

My last advice would be something different. As you already know, lassi has many variants of it and each of them comes with their own set of perks. So, while you’re choosing a mix for yourself, find out what suits best for you and stick to that particular mix of lassi.

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