How To Lose Weight Fast For Men: The Complete Guide

How to Lose Weight Fast For Men


How to lose weight fast men? On the internet, there are so many articles about How to Lose Weight Fast For Men. Obesity is one of the major headaches in current health issues of the world. Time goes by, things are changing, technology has improved, and people are maintaining different lifestyles. Within all of these changes, people’s health is also influenced by some factors related to their lifestyle, eating habit, nature of work, etc.

What You Will Learn

  • How to lose weight from stomach
  • Some Weight loss friendly foods
  • How to lose weight quickly for men
  • How to lose weight fast with exercise


Nowadays overweight is a problem for which people are concerned as it raises many questions about health. An over-weighted body is a productive territory to produce various diseases. In a recent year research found that 39% of adults aged 18 years and over were overweight in which almost half proportion is male. Many men want to know the procedure to lose weight quickly. So many techniques like dieting, workout, maintaining proper routine are the issues of weight losing procedures. We bring the complete guide for men to get them know how to lose weight fast. So let’s start! 

Lose Weight Fast For Men: Exercise Plans

There are lots of exercise plans of fastest way to lose weight for men. From all of these plans, some plans work greatly on men which is scientifically proven. Running, swimming, workout at gym, lifting weights are some effective plans to lose weight. You have to make a proper plan to do these exercises. Now we discuss in details about these plans below.

Lose Weight by Running

Running is one of the best exercises for losing weight. But there is a vast concept that running can’t help much losing weight. It’s true that for losing weight running is the best method at all. When run more you need to eat more healthy food which won’t be helpful for losing weight. So you have to maintain some rules and regulation when you go for running with purpose of losing weight. Running is the cheapest way of exercising; you just need pair of shoe to do it.

Lose Weight by Running
Lose Weight by Running
  1. Running is better than walking for losing weight. Some people only walk fast to burn calories, but it is only helpful for those who need to lose a few weights. In a given time you can burn more calories by running than walking.
  2. Your burning amount of calories through running is measured by how many miles you run. The more you run, the more you can burn calories.
  3. You have to take running as a long term exercise. If target to run for more than one or two months, you can make a plan that keeps you ahead to lose weight.
  4. You can start with a short distance. Then you can increase your running distance day by day. It will help your body to adapt to the situation.


Lose weight by swimming

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. It can help to lose weight fast with a combination of well-balanced diet plan. Swimming burns more calories than any other standard form of exercise because it uses almost all muscle of the body. Consecutive movement of muscles during swimming makes the muscles more fit and reduces a well amount of calories. Your cardiovascular system works fine because you have to hard while swimming to produce your heart and lungs proper oxygen. Lose weight by swimmingSimple form of workout in water than air is much preferable to losing weight because water is 800 times denser than air. So it is much harder for your muscle to move and you will lose more calories. There are four types of swimming usually used for workout.

  1. Freestyle
  2. Breaststroke
  3. Backstroke
  4. Butterfly


Freestyle is the popular form because it’s easy to perform and it burns major calories. Others form are also effective for losing weight as they also need a lot of energy. A swimming session of half an hour can burn 100-500 calories. If you swim 30 to 40 minutes daily for 4-6 days of an week you can able to lose a great amount of weight.


Lose Weight in the Gym

Workout at gym can play the most important to lose weight fast. You can get the proper instruments and instructions to burn fat there. There are lots of machines that can help you to perform various exercises and you can also get help from professional trainers who actually train you from starting level to get your desired goal. There are various forms of workout plans that you can go with these.

Lose Weight in the Gym
Lose Weight in the Gym
  1. Maintain basic rules: when you workout at gym you have to make a proper combination with nutrition and proper rest. You have to make a diet chart which is appropriate for losing your weight. You also have to sleep properly and at least 8 hours in a day.
  2. Cardio: Cardio is the best way to burn fat. It’s a mandatory part of gym life. You have to lift heavy weight on a regular basis at gym. You can do it at starting level as warm up.
  3. Squat: Squat is a regular strength training which is helpful for lean muscle. If you increase your lean muscle, your metabolism rate will be faster and you can able to burn more fat. Squatting is a great strength-training exercise which is helpful for your lower back, glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves.
  4. Bench Press: Bench press is another strength training which is helpful for your pecs, shoulders and triceps. Start with little weight and increase it by time to time. If you can perform well on every rep, try to do more hardly and if you can’t then you can use light weight.
  5. Bicycles: It is also a good form of strength training. Pull hard and keep your hand on your hand. Then raise your knee and take one elbow down until it touches the middle point of the chest. When you do it just breathe slowly and do this exercise for four time with one minute break for each.


Lose Weight Lifting Weights

Lifting weight doesn’t lose your weight only, it also keeps you away from heart diseases and cancer. You can burn your calorie radically if you practice this form regularly. This form is also called cardio. It is known as the ultimate fat burner. Lose Weight Lifting WeightsYou may build your muscle and lose weight by doing another form of workout but it doesn’t reflect on your mirror because of fate. That’s the reason you have lift heavy weight. Without it you can’t fulfill your desire. You don’t want to get a well-built muscle with a fatty belly surly. So with the others form of weight losing plans you have to consider lifting weight too.

A research found that lifting weights would raise your heart rate 15 beats per minute. You can start with less weight to start up, but you have to increase your weight time to time. Lifting heavy weight will make you more productive. With losing weight gradually it will make a good shape of body. Lifting weights can increase your bone density. You can start with ten pounds of weight. On every very week you have to increases the weight to boost up your performance.


 Bottom Line: You may not do all these exercises but you have to calculate what amount of calories you have to burn and for it what exercises actually you should do.

Best Healthy Green Foods To Eat For Losing Weight

Food has a deep relation with our weight. In most of the cases increase or decrease of weight depends on the manner of having foods. All of your hardship will not come to work if you don’t care about your eating habit.  There are so many foods are suggested for the men who want to lose weight. Here we are informing you about some best healthy green foods to eat for losing weight.

Healthy Green Foods To Lose Weight Fast For Men
Healthy Green Foods To Eat For Losing Weight
  1. Green Cabbage

    Cabbage became popular for losing weight when the cabbage soup was come to the market for the first time. It was not much popular food item for dieting before then. Cabbage takes more energy to digest, so it helps to reduce weight. It has antioxidant properties which help to boost our system and give us more energy to work. It also contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, and vitamin K. You can make various kind of food item with cabbage. A half cup of boiled cabbage contains only 17 calories. That’s why this green leaf can make your diet healthy. With doing workout, green cabbage can be a great combination for your exercise and diet. It is a high source of fiber which is very effective for our digestion. To lose weight, digestion should be concerned as it is related to our full body system.

  2. Avocados

    If you want to reduce fat from your body avocados would be great option on your diet chart.  It is high in potassium and potassium is needed for your health especially when you spend time at gym you need this nutrition a lot. Avocados helps to build muscle. It contains only 50 calories per 1 oz. serving. There are some more benefits given below:

    • Avocados reduce hunger because when you eat it on small quantity it makes you feel like your stomach is full. So you will take less food which helps to not get more calories.
    • It is good for metabolism. It fights with radicals. So ultimately your body will get the benefit. You shouldn’t lose your weight by keeping your inside unhealthy.
    • Eating a half size of avocado on a daily basis improves your diet quality. You can keep yourself away from metabolism syndromes.
  1. Pumpkin Seeds

    People usually eat pumpkin but not its seed. Pumpkin seeds actually help you to burn your fat. So the people who want to lose their weight can start eating pumpkin seeds. It also has so many health beneficiaries.

    • Though pumpkin seeds look small but they have a good density. That’s why it fills your stomach quickly and helps to avoid heavy foods.
    • Pumpkin seeds are easy to digest. So they can easily work with your blood circulation. It reduces sugar level in blood which results in losing weight.
    • You need more energy to work in the gym. Pumpkin seeds are rich in iron which provides an extreme level of energy. So by eating pumpkin seeds you can get the motivation to work hard at the gym for losing weight.
  1. Green Peppers

    You may get wonder by hearing that pepper can be a part of your weight losing plans. But it really works! Peppers have low density. When a food has low density it can fill you without having so much food. It’s all about the low volume of foods which contains low calories but help you to get high volume of foods. Peppers are good source of fiber. It contains antioxidant vitamin A and vitamin C which prevents cell damage. Finally it will come to help for your muscle. You can use peppers to make low calorie dishes with other foods.

  2. Kale

    A half cup of cooked kale contains only 18 calories. So you must get the initial the idea about its effectiveness for losing weight. It has antioxidants properties which actually boost our immune system and metabolism rate. It also has the ability to keep lower level of sugar in blood. This zero-cholesterol food can be good option on your diet list to lose weight. Kale is an appetite suppressant. It fills you up though you take it with small quantity. It also gives you the energy which can be helpful to work more hard at gym to lose your extra weight. Kale also prevents damage to your cells which are needed to build muscle. It is a member of the cruciferous family and all food items from this family are very effective regarding losing weight.


Bottom Line: Having proper diet plan with workout plan is the best combination to lose weight quickly. So men have to be careful of what food they should take and what they should not.

Golden Diet Tips to Help Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight is like an art. You have to maintain some rule in a modest way that can help you to lose weight. There are lots of tips already mentioned above for losing weight. But now we are here to say some golden tips to help losing weight fast. You have to maintain these rules with priority.  So if you can maintain these rules properly, you can start the next hard level.

Golden Diet Tips to Help Lose Weight Fast
Golden Diet Tips to Help Lose Weight Fast

Drink green tea

Drinking green tea to lose weight has many advantages. It has thermo-genic properties that help to increase the rate of metabolism. When metabolism rate is faster it needs much energy. Our body stores fat as energy. So when metabolism rate is high it helps to reduce fat. Green tea can be substitute food of many unhealthy foods which raise fat. Green tea makes feel that the stomach is full. So it helps to not taking more food.

Healthy eating

You want to lose fat that doesn’t mean that you have to live without food. You should eat healthy foods which are needed to work your body perfectly. You should avoid junk foods which are oily and high in calorie. These types of foods are the main barrier to losing weight. However, you should keep in your mind that your food should be low in calorie and high in necessary vitamins and minerals. A healthy eating practice Is much effective for losing weight.

Drink water

You may wonder that drinking water can helps you losing weight. Water is an appetite suppressant. It makes the feel of having the stomach full. Before eating food, drink some water. It helps to reduce taking more foods. To keep healthy a man should take at least eight glasses of water daily. We often take soft drink which is rich in sugar as well as calorie. That will increase your weight immediately. So you should replace the soft drinks with normal water. Cold water increases metabolism. So drinking cold water can help to lose weight.You must be stop drinking energy drinks , There are many health problems due to energy drinks. It increases body weight.

Eat more fiber

Fiber is one of the most essential nutrition for our body. We should take at least 30 gm of fiber daily. It can also help to reduce weight because it cuts calories that you consume on every day. Fiber is good for health which can be found in fruits and vegetables. These foods tend to low in calories. So if you want to lose your weight you should maintain a proper diet chart which includes with moderately high fiber foods.

Eat more protein

There are so many people who can’t get satisfied without taking protein. It is not true you can’t lose weight by taking protein. Protein is an essential nutrition to build your body. So you have to take protein every day. Protein makes you full so that it reduces the desire of eating food. Your thought about food will be decreased. In that way you can lose your weight. When you eat foods rich in protein it will reduce taking that kind of food in a short time. In that way your rate of taking food will be reduces.

Drink Milk

A research found that drinking milk could also help to lose weight. The people who are suffering from obesity are low in vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential nutrition for our body. It also helps to keep our body fit. Milk is a great source of vitamin D. So you should take milk on a regular basis which is helpful in losing weight.

Limit your salt

Taking salt higher is a reason of gaining weight. Salt retains water and increases amount of water of our body. As a result it increases a modest amount of weight our body. Limit taking salt is highly recommended for whom want to lose weight. Salt reduction causes water reduction of your body. As a result your weight comes to reduce. So you should avoid salt as well as salty foods to reduce your weight.

Sleep Just Right

People who don’t take proper sleep and don’t sleep at right time can be suffered by obesity. If you don’t get sleep right your metabolism may not work properly. As a result you will be suffered from stress. Sleep is an important factor for getting a healthy body. But less and irregular sleep can make some causes of obesity. So you should sleep at regular time and at least eight hour in a day.

Avoid sodas – Even Diet sodas

Many people take sodas instead of drinking healthy water. But sodas are very harmful to our body and it increases weight so quickly. So if you want to lose your weight you should avoid any soda items. There are lots of products with diet sodas. But there is no proven document which says that diet sodas don’t increase weight. Sweet taste signals the body cells to store fat. So it is wise to avoid any kind of sodas.

Watch less TV

Sitting in front of TV makes people lazy. Many people watch TV for a long time and work less. They eat much while watching TV. This bad habit increases weight of people. Some men even waste time at gym watching TV. Many research found that watching TV is a reason of obesity. So you should reduce the time of watching TV and work more.


Bottom Line: These are not hard to maintain. You don’t have to give that much effort. You have to be just careful about all of it.


Top 10 Biggest Workout Mistakes Made by Men

Men start workout program to lose weight as it’s an effective way. But sometime they don’t get the benefit what they want because of doing mistake on workout. So some people can’t lose their weight, get injured and waste their valuable time. Here we discuss about the mistakes men do and know how to avoid these.

Biggest Workout Mistakes
Biggest Workout Mistakes
  1. Not hiring professional trainer

    Most of the men don’t know how to train properly. If someone really wants to get good result he should work under a professional trainer. Some people just listen to their friends and colleagues for workout plan but this is not a wise idea at all. As a result they don’t get the result they want. Some may get injured. So men should be careful about it. They should hire a good trainer.

  2. Only doing workout

    Some men do much exercise to burn fat and calories. They give much time for workout and work hard daily. But you should know that 80% result will be come from your diet plan. If you don’t follow your diet plan properly, workout may not come to help you to lose weight. So a good combination of workout and proper diet plan would help to gain your goal. Only doing too much workout isn’t the solution to lose weight. Work hard and follow your diet chart properly.

  3. Not lifting heavy weights

    People are afraid of challenging his muscles. So that they don’t want to lift heavy weight for safety reason. But it is not a good idea avoiding heavy weight. Lifting heavy weight doesn’t hurt people, it happens because people do it in a wrong way. You should hire a trainer who will teach you the proper techniques to lift heavy weights. If you practice for sometime it will be easier for you to lift heavy weights and it will come helpful to you.

  4. Not thinking about the quality of works

    You have to think about quality over quantity. Many people think that spending much time at gym can help them to get a good result. But if they don’t concentrate on the quality of their workout, they may not get success. What the amount of time you spend on gym can’t ensure you to lose weight. Your spending time should have some qualitative values. Efficient use of time at gym makes your workout successful.

  5. Not doing exact warm up

    People do mini exercise before workout as warm up. It helps to make body movement and blood circulation easy. But static stretching is not a good idea. If you push your muscles to their limit it may reduce your performance. It will get less strength while workout. So dynamic stretching is the best as warm up. Just put your muscles through the maximum range of motion for the transition from dynamic stretching to workout. This movement of muscle is very effective and you are recommended to save static stretching for later.

  6. Not keeping log of workout

    Many people don’t keep the sequence of workout. They don’t have perfect plan for what they will do after what. Because of that they don’t get the desired result though they spend much time at gym and work hard. So you have to keep log of your workout. If you maintain log you can see your overall performance very clearly. Then you can make next and can start work on it. You should take certain exercises to progress into the next level.

  7. Not taking proper rest and sleep

    You have to do proper workout and beside that you have to take proper rest and recovery. Some people don’t take enough time to make proper rest and recovery. You can gain good fitness level when you can maintain a balance between your work and rest. Some people don’t get sleep properly. One or two night sleeping problem may not reduce your workout performance. But when it happens regularly, it will impact on hormone level which is related to stress. A stressful mind is barrier for getting proper exercise. So you have to be careful that you get a sound sleep regularly.

  8. Doing less than their thought

    It is a common mistake among people that they don’t do that much hard work at gym actually what they think. They waste time by doing various little works at the time of work out. For example, they make gossip with partner and don’t concentrate on their session properly. Suppose you are playing table tennis with your friend for one hour but you can’t make sure that all of that one hour is using for exercise. Because you talk and huff with your partner and wait for a serve. In that way time is wasting but you think that you are doing exercise for that whole time. So proper time management is needed for workout that helps you to lose weight.

  9. Avoiding little things

    This is a tendency among most of the men at gym that when they give concentration on one thing they almost forget the other things in which they give less priority. But on workout, these things are counted. It makes imbalance to your body when you take less care of a part comparing to others. So ambition of losing weight will not be done perfectly. When you are working on building chest you should also think about your shoulder and upper backs. That’s how it would get balanced.

  10. Not understanding the body

    Our body is a collection of some unequal parts. You shouldn’t do whatever you want to your body. Many people don’t care about this issue. As a result they get hurt and fail to lose weight. So you should maintain some rules. After the chest session you should not train your shoulder in the next day. When you do squat or deadlift you should limit direct lower back exercise on that day. You shouldn’t set exercises that need a lot of your grip. So you have to be careful about these matters to get effective result for losing weight.


Bottom Line: It is important to maintain a proper workout to get the desired result. All your efforts may go in vain if you do the biggest mistakes for a long time. So it is the high time to get rid of these mistakes. 

Last Word

This is all about fastest ways to lose weight for men. If you go through exactly with the plans what are mentioned above on the article you can able to lose your weight immediately. Sometimes making plans is easy but it difficult to implement it. We are done with our part, now ball is in your card. You have to play with this efficiently to achieve your goal. Just make a great combination of your diet and workout plans, avoid the mistakes what usually men do, give full concentration on your work and enjoy what you are going through. What are you thinking about your plan? You can let us know by giving feedback.

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