13 Medicinal Uses and health benefits of Kalonji oil (Black Seeds)

You may have heard the name “ Kalonji” several time but still have an obscure idea about the use and health benefits of kalonji oil or Nigella Seeds. Kalonji oil, mostly used in South and South West Asia is also known as Nigella Sativa. The source of Kalonji oil is Black cumin fruits. These fruits contain seeds and the oil is generally collected from it.

Medicinal Uses and health benefits of Kalonji oil (Black Seeds)

The India’s are the ones who use it in cooking as a spice because of its strong smell and bitter taste. Kalonji oil is called “Miracle Cure”. Since the ancient time, Kalonji was famous its medical benefits. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) described Kalonji as the remedy for all diseases except death. Kalonji oil can cure many diseases such as a headache, toothache, nasal congestion, skin diseases etc. So if you’re facing skin problem or health problem, Kalonji oil is the best solution for you right now.

What is kalonji oil?

Kalonji oil is an ayurvedic herb. It came in Asia from Turkey and Italy. Blue Flower and Black seeds are very helpful in extracting this well. It is being eaten in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan for a century. The cultivation of Kalonji oil in these areas has become popular only after people have been cured by its medicinal quality. In Middle East people used to use Kalonji in making their traditional foods. In the Muslim community, it has a great impact as Hazrat Muhammad mentioned its power of remedy.

Importance of Kalonji oil

Kalonji oil is one of the most important Ayurvedic herbs to cure diseases. More than 100 medical elements are included in the black seeds of Kalonji oil. Kalonji can be used as antiseptic and it is also adjuvant for diseases like blood sugar, blood pressure, and body weight. Kalonji oil also contains many important nutrients and minerals. A rich amount of calcium, iron, sodium, and potassium contains in the black seed. 15 amino acids are also found in it. So the importance of the Kalonji oil is commendable

Medical efficiency of Kalonji Oil

The chemical efficiency of Kalonji oil is huge. Some of its medicinal compositions are given below You can use kalonji oil for the cure which needs this kind of medicinal elements but before use kalonji oil it would be better knowing the procedure of its use a medicine. Some of the major medicinal compositions of kalonji oil is:

  • Non-Volatile Oil: 37.5%
  • Volatile oil: 1.5%
  • Organic acids
  • Glycoside
  • Albumen Sugar

Benefits of Kalonji oil

You can use Kalonji oil in many ways. Kalonji oil is ayurvedic and it’s very useful. Kalonji oil can be used to reduce skin problems or can be used to cook food and it also can cure diseases. It also can be used to:

  • Cure hair loss
  • Curehemicrania
  • Cure skin problems
  • Cure stomach pain
  • Cure dental problems

Uses of Kalonji Oil

All the amazing use of kalonji oil are describing below.

Use of Kalonji Oil to reduce hair loss

Kalonji Oil can be used to make your hair strong and silky. Its helps your hair to grow fast and it also prevents hair fall and baldness.

To reduce baldness: Apply Kalonji oil 2times a day in order to prevent baldness. You can also drink coffee with mixing some Kalonji oil in it to reduce baldness.

To remove hair falls: while showering use lime juice in your hair for 15 minutes and after washing it, use Kalonji Oil. Follow this for 1 week and you’ll notice the difference.

To get rid of dandruff: take some Kalonji oil, olive oil, and Mehandi powder and heat it for few minutes until it turns into a paste. Apply the paste on your hair and then wash it. By this method, your dandruff will disappear forever.

Use of Kalonji Oil to reduce skin problems

Kalonji Oil is an ayurvedic herb and it can be used to reduce your skin problems and also can be used for beauty tips.

Use Black Seed Oil To remove Pimples and Blackheads

You can use Black seed oil for removing your Pimples.Take 2cups of orange juice with Kalonji oil per day and you will notice that your Pimples and Blackheads are gone after a week.

Nigella Seeds Oil Helps in glowing of skin

Achieve glowing skin by mixing Sune rig Aru and Kalonji oil and applying it on the skin before going to bed. Also, wash your face in the morning.

Use Black Seed Oil Get clear skin

Apply the mixture of olive oil and Kalonji Oil in your face and left it for one hour and then wash it with shampoo. The result you’ll get will surely be amazing.

Kalonji oil for Getting smoother skin

Mix 2 tablespoon of honey with 1 tablespoon of Kalonji oil and 1 tablespoon of olive oil and apply it on the face twice a day. Try this method for one month as this remedy is helpful in skin care and to maintain smooth skin.

Use of Kalonji oil to Cure hemicranias

Hemicranias or a headache is very painful especially when you’re trying to do something special work. Kalonji oil can reduce headache because of its useful elements.

  • You can take one drop of Kalonji oil in the opposite side of the nasal congestion to cure one-sided headache.
  • Drink two tablespoon of Kalonji oil twice a day to remove headache pain.
  • If you want temporary solution for headache in case of some important work you can apply Kalonji oil in your head and ear to get temporary relief.
  • Take some Kalonji oil and massage it in your head every day before going to bed. This will help you in sleeping and also remove hemicranias.
  • If you take 10 drops of Kalonji oil per day your hemicranias will be gone as the doctors say.

Uses of Kalonji in case to solve dental problems

Kalonji oil is very effective for anything as well as dental problems. Kalonji oil contains sodium, minerals etc which helps to cure out the dental problems.

  • If you’re facing pain in your dental area then what you need to do is mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar with half spoon of Kalonji oil and apply it one the affected area. Keep it for two to three minutes and then rinse off your mouth. This remedy is very helpful for removing teeth pain
  • Another way to remove dental pain is to soak Kalonji oil in cotton and put it in the affected area for 15minutes. After that, remove it gently. Try this for seven days.
  • If your teeth are weak or if it is bleeding or if it smells bad then you should try this remedy. Mix half spoon of Kalonji oil with one cup of curd and have this two times per day. You can also rub Kalonji oil in the affected area for good results. You can gargle with kalonji oil mixed water. It will definitely help you out.

Use of Kalonji oil to remove stomach pain

Kalonji oil is called magical cure because it got many powerful elements in it which helps to cure any diseases. So it also cures stomach pain. Here’s how you can reduce stomach pain with Kalonji oil.

Kalonji oil for Prevent stomach irritation

If you’re facing stomach irritation and stomach ache then what you need to do is take one tablespoon of ginger juice with half spoon of Kalonji oil and drink it two times a day.

Kalonji oil for children’s

If your child is facing stomach pain then mix two drops of Kalonji oil with mother milk or cow milk and feed it to your children. But you should consult with a doctor for this matter.

Nigella Seeds oil for Digestion of food

In case to ennoble the digestion of food all you have to do is make a mixture of half spoon Kalonji oil with half spoon of vinegar and 1 spoon of sugar. Take them two times per day. If you continue this for 10 days, you will get a very satisfying result.

Kalonji oil Helpful for liver and abdomen

Use the mixture of honey and Kalonji oil in the morning and evening as it is very helpful for liver and abdomen diseases.

You can also have Kalonji oil with milk twice a day for and healthy stomach as we all know prevention is better than cure.

Other Benefits of Kalonji oil

These are the major use and health benefits of kalonji oil. Apart from some more minor use and benefits of kalonji oil are also considerable but we focused on its major uses so that you can make the best use of it. The demand of kalonji oil is spreading all over the world for its dynamic benefits and uses. People are cultivating this seed on financial basis nowadays. It’s been told for a long time that natural cure is more beneficial than all another conventional way of treatment. One thing should be mentioned that is before describing the use and health benefits of Kalonji oil we laid our eyes on some content written by skilled and experienced seed researchers. We have collected their fragmented content and put them in one frame. Then we analyze it again.If you want you will see best black seed oils review

So hopefully this content will help you out with the information of use and health benefits of kalonji oil.

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