Top 5 Health benefits of palm wine

Palm Wine


The health benefits of palm wine are incredible. Palm wine is a sweet tasty juice. It is found in wounded palm trees. Palm wine grows well in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana and other parts of central and West Africa and also in some countries in Asia. Palm wine is very helpful for our health because it contains that kind of elements that are effective for a good health. But to get this benefit you have to drink pure palm wine. Now a days preservatives and sweeteners are added to palm wine to keep it good. But the thing is that adding this type of element is not good for our health.You can also read 11 Surprising Benefits of Ajwain.

Palm Wine
Palm Wine

You can get the palm wine fresh for the 24 hours after it is tapped. When palm wine is tapped, it is fresh and sweet but in 24 hours. But after that time the palm wine may taste sour and sharp. The reason is that alcohols are added to it more than normal alcoholic drinks. This is happened because palm wine goes under fermentation. You can get the benefits of palm wine whether you consume it fresh or fermented, but you will get the most of the benefits if you drink palm wine fresh. So try to drink it fresh.

How to collect palm wine

Palm wine is tapped from palm trees. The person who taps palm wine is called a palm wine tapper. He climbs on the palm trees with a rope which designed locally for this purpose. He also takes a cutlass, a knife, and a gallon or calabash while climbing on the palm trees. After climbing the palm trees the palm wine tapper cut some palm branches to get the tissue. He creates a hole in the tree so that the sap of palm wine can easily come out. A hollow bamboo is put on that hole to bring the sap to a gallon through the bamboo. The bamboo is tied around the palm trees.

Health benefits of palm wine

Palm wine has many health benefits for our health. It contains many healthy contents that are necessary for our body. Some of the healthy elements that found in palm wine are Sugar, Protein, Zinc, Carbohydrate, Amino acid, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Yeast, Bacteria, Potassium, Iron, Vitamin B1, B2 B3 and B6.

Palm wine improves eyesight

Palm wine is good for eye health. It improves the eye sight. Palm wine is rich in antioxidant vitamin c (ascorbic acid). The thiamine property of vitamin B1 in palm wine helps to improve our eye vision. These healthy elements are usually found in vegetables and fruits. So palm wine can be a good source to get these healthy elements. Palm wine was the common beverage of age old people. May be this is the reason why they have better eye vision than us.

Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases

Now a days heart problem is a common disease around the world. Heart attack incident has increased more than before. So everybody should be careful about their heart health. A study found that there is an inverse relationship between drinking palm wine and developing the risk of getting heart failure. The research was done by Lindberg and Ezra in the year of 2008. Palm wine has a good amount of potassium which can improve the situation of heart health. It also helps to reduce hypertension. But one thing everyone should remember that excess of everything is not good. Taking palm wine more than enough can damage your liver as it has the alcohol element.

Palm wine can help fight against cancer

Palm wine can also help to fight with the dangerous disease cancer. Palm wine contains a lot of vitamin B2. This is also known as riboflavin. This is a useful element that fights with cancer. This is an antioxidant that can reduce the free radicals which are the main reason behind some cancer. So palm wine can be a good drink to prevent some cancers.

Palm wine helps in maintaining a healthy hair, skin, and nails

Palm wine is rich in iron and vitamin B complex. All the two elements are used for a healthy hair, skin, and nails. For the growth, function, and development of our body iron is a very necessary thing. This useful element helps to repair our tissues and promotes the growth of healthy cells. So you want your skin health and also a healthy look hair then you should drink palm wine. Girls are usually careful about their nails. So they can also take the palm wine to protect their nails healthy.

Palm wine promotes lactation

After giving birth to a child, a mother has to feed her breast milk. But sometimes for several problems they lack enough milk to feed the child. This is really a bad situation for the mother and child, especially for the poor family. In this situation, palm wine can be used as a natural healer. In Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and some other parts of Africa palm wine is used as a natural healer. It helps o lactating mother if she faces the lack of breast milk to feed her child. Though it is not scientifically proved in reality people get the advantage.


It is highly recommended to not eat fermented palm wine too much. Drinking excess of palm wine is very harmful to our body. As we have mentioned before, palm wine may contain a higher amount of alcohol even more than a normal beverage in the market. Fermented palm can destroy your kidney, lier and other functions of the body if you drink it excess. It is also a risk factor hypertension.

So these are the most health benefits of palm wine. We hope that the post will help you regarding consuming the palm wine. We hope you will get the chance to drink palm wine. You should also be very careful of its side effect. The health benefits of palm wine can help your body system functioning in a healthy way.


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