21 Awesome Benefits of Pandan Leaves that You don’t know

Screw pine, palm pine, or pandan, by which name the plant is acquainted with you?

Maybe you know it as Pandan. The leaves of pandan are upright bright and which are plenty of fragrance. The plants are mostly grown in South East Asia because of its beneficial leaves. Though it is native to Southern Asia, people outside of the region also like the leaves because of its health benefits and also for its aroma.

You might know some plant leaves nutritious elements with their function to your body which seemed as usual but, pandan leaves benefits will surprise you. The leaves are highly beneficial as well as its smell good and it will trigger your appetite.

Benefits of Pandan Leaves

In South East Asia, pandan leaves are widely used to make traditional foods and also in regular foods. The primary reasons for choosing pandan leaves to their food, it’s the very good smell that can increase appetite, ensure diet satisfaction and because of pandan leaf benefits. The leaves can be used making various food such as sweet rice, cake, beverages and the leaves are can be considered as healthier coloring additives than the chemical additives.

Pandan leaves that are free from any ingredients that may produce harm to the body. As it never stimulates disease rather it can prevent so many diseases and promote your better health.

Health benefits of Pandan leaves

How many benefits pandan leaves provide us, almost all of them are health-related. It is nothing but a leaf of a plant but its health benefits are so many. Such as, lowering blood pressure, skin care, good for hair, ensure better sleep and so on. Here we discuss its all-important health benefits in details so that you can understand well, why you are using the leaves with your traditional or regular food.

1. Lower High Blood Pressure

Relative or constant, which you have? I’m asking you about high blood pressure!

If you have high blood pressure, you might have some other problem such as pain in shoulder pain, neck pain, and chest pain. To someone, these symptoms can be unknown but you know that you bear hypertension. So, what should you do?

You might have the history of taking medicine for high blood pressure that is good but if you can lower blood pressure by taking herbal medication, is that would be the better way?

A person can get rid of hypertension by changing lifestyle and add pandan leaves to your regular food that has the strong effect lowering blood pressure. Make your food aromatic with triggering appetite center but it will never produce harm rather it lower your high blood pressure.

2. Remove Dandruff and Prevent Hair Loss

Dandruff is a serious problem to a sincere person as like you. If you have dandruff problem then you look like careless people and everybody thinks you are the person who doesn’t want to himself as a smart guy. On the side, losing hair in premature age is also a headache.

Falling of the dead cell from the scalp will introduce you to dandruff and lack of nourish and moisturize hair will result in hair loss. Both of the problems are not well experienced by any person.

Pandan leaves can eliminate dandruff even though anti-dandruff shampoo fails to remove dandruff. Similarly, the leaves can stimulate hair growth and make your hair thick. For both purpose, use pandan leaves crushed as a hair mask and see what will be the result! Take 10-12 leaves with 100 ml water and then blend it. Use the mixture over the scalp regularly to get the result.

3. Care for Skin

Among so many health benefits, pandan leaves benefit for skin is amazing. Is there any sincere person who doesn’t think of skin from sunburn? On the other side, the healing process of burn wound sometimes takes more time. But, pandan leaves are very effective for these purposes. Tannic acids/polyphenol tannins contained in pandan leaves that can protect your skin from sunburns. The element works like as cooling factor in case of sunburns and burns wound.

Note: In case of minor burn or if you ever touch hot instrument that feels your discomfort, just cover the affected area of skin with crushed pandan leaves for few minutes.

4. Relieve Arthritis

Arthritis or joint pain is one of the most common problems for women or advancing aged people that is true but, it doesn’t mean young ages are safe and free from the condition. Arthritis may relate to swelling, stiffness, etc. The happiness is, pandan leaves can treat the condition by its anti-inflammatory property. Take 3-5 pieces of pandan leaves and mix it with hot coconut oil then allows to cool it. Then abrade pandan leaves to the area as an ointment and you feel better day by day.

Improve Appetite

Sometimes, sighting a food or taking food into the mouth, salivation occurs but from the smell of food even though it lies hidden can trigger hunger and increase appetite. Just add pandan leaves to your regular food. Pandan tea can be taken twice per day to increase appetite that will make your better health. Keep reading, we will show you pandan tea recipe by and by.

6. Relief of Pain

Pain is a grievous condition for all and everybody wants to get relief from this tormenting condition. Sometimes we take painkiller but the question is, does the medicine good for health at all? Obviously not. Laxative properties of pandan leave treat pain such as a headache, chest pain, ear pain, and joints pain.

7. Good for Weak Nerves

Pandan leaves are effective for the nerve health and function of the body. People having hand tremor and sensation of tingling can also be treated by pandan leaves. For the purpose, cut three fresh pandan leaves and boil it with three cups of water. Allow to cooling and separate the water from the residue. Drink the water twice per day in order to cure of these nerve problems.

8. Treat Constipation

As a result of the digestive disorder, constipation may occur. Constipation means hardening of stool and defecation less than three times in a week. If you have or will have constipation you can drink pandan leaves tea daily.

9. Antibacterial Properties

Pandan leaves have antibacterial effects and it is effective against some diseases which are caused by bacteria such as Bacillus cereus, Escherichia coli, etc. Escherichia coli is responsible for diarrhea, urinary tract infection and pneumonia and on the other hand, toxin produced by Bacillus cereus causes diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Consume pandan leaves and stay safe from these diseases.

10. Fight with Cancer

Cancer is the name of disease over which most of the people cannot get the win. So, we need to its preventive strategy. Consuming pandan leaves tea regularly will reduce the chance of developing cancer.

11. Prevent Insomnia

Sleepless night, bad experienced!

The possible reason for passing the night without producing sleep can be the burden of mind, too much worry, and over thinking. Other cause may have, but the experience of insomnia is how much pain, the person only know who suffer this.

If you have the experience, you might try many times to recover but in this case, some can and someone continuously suffering and find no solution. Pandan leaves has amazing action cure from this condition. Just brew pandan leaves with warm water and then mix one spoon honey. Drink it while it remains warm and says goodbye insomnia.

12. Reduce Abdominal Cramps

Abdominal cramps, especially stomach cramps can be prevented by consuming pandan leaves tea. This tea is also helpful for the whole gastrointestinal (GIT) tract cramps. So, it can keep fresh your digestive system also.

13. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety both are injurious to your health and these two reasons can be the origin of some other diseases. To get relief stress and anxiety, drink pandan leaves tea for two or three times per day and it will keep your mind fresh.

14. Treat Fever

Pandan leaves benefits in a fever are scientifically proved. You can reduce fever traditionally by taking pandan leaves tea. In case of high fever, many doctors advised to the patient to drink pandan leaf tea as it can reduce fever quickly and your body temperature meets the normal level.

15. Good for Diabetes Patients

The level of glucose in your blood will say, are you diabetic patient or not? In where, when blood glucose level crosses its normal value when you call this condition diabetes. Pandan leaves help you to maintain blood glucose level and doesn’t allow reach peak level. Both for the diabetic or pre-diabetic patient, pandan leaves tea is a perfect choice for controlling diabetes and prevention of the disease.

16. Used in Drug & Cosmetics

According to many medical practitioners, pandan leaves are the good choice for treating skin disease and diabetes. The leaves are not perfect for only these two diseases, people use this leaves for many diseases purposes. On the other hand, frankincense is one of the most important elements of perfume and other aroma cosmetics.

17. Repel Insects

2-acetyl 1-pyrroline contained in pandan leaves and this is why insects cannot come to the leaves and surrounding area near to the leaves. In some countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, the taxi drivers keep pandan leaves into their cars keeping away insects.

18. Heals Diarrhea

Causes of diarrhea are many and food poisoning and bacterial diarrhea are common of them. With the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, pandan leaves tea can keep safe from any bacterial attack and can prevent food poisoning. When loose motion occurs you can prevent it by drinking pandan leaves tea.

19. Cure for Headache

A headache is an unpleasant condition to everybody and when it occurs you feel disturbed and even you can think anything properly. You may take medicine for a headache but it has also some side effects. Pandan leaf tea can cure of a headache and it is a better choice than chemical drugs.

20. Detoxifying Agent

The primary organ of your body for detoxification is liver. But if you have uncontrolled diet, can your liver detoxify all toxins? Maybe not. Pandan leaves can help your liver in this action and can destroy unhealthy elements of the body.

21. Prevent Impotence

Because of unhealthy diet and wild lifestyle, people may become impotence and nobody wants this. Pandan leaves tea is great for those people. A married couple can consume pandan leaves to get this amazing benefit. Boil 4 cups of water with three pieces of fresh pandan leaves. Boil it until it turns down two cups and then drinks the concoction. Drink it for twice a day.

How to use pandan leaves in diet and other purposes?

Pandan leaves can be used in diet purpose and can be used over skin and hair. In diet purpose, the leaves are usually used as a flavoring agent, a coloring agent, and even in the beverage. For skin and hair use, you need to make its decoction and poultice it over your skin and hair. The leaves wide ranges use is its tea. There are many recipes for pandan leaves tea but we describe the plane form.

Pandan tea recipe


  • Water: 3 cups
  • Pandan leaves: 3 pieces
  • Ginger: 4-5 slice
  • Cardamom: 3 pieces
  • Palm Sugar: As you prefer


  • Boil 3 cups of water with pandan leaves.
  • Add all elements to the boiling water except sugar
  • Boil it for 8-10 minutes
  • Pour it into a glass and add palm sugar
  • Stir the mixture and your tea is ready to drink

Pandan leaves benefits are perfect for those people who want to take preventive measures as well as curative measures. We take medicine for many diseases and which can be treated by consuming pandan leaves whereas the medicine exerts side effects to our body. But, one of the most important facts of pandan leaves that, it is totally devoid of side effects.

A wide range of health benefits the leaves are providing us, as like maintain blood pressure, skin care, prevent impotence, and widely spread disease diabetes control, and so on. Maybe, previously don’t know its health benefits as for why we didn’t give the importance of pandan leaves. But, now we are sincere and obviously keep left pandan leaves as like before!

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