Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits and Uses of Reetha (Soapnut)

Before talking about the benefits and uses of Reetha I would rather like to talk about your hair and about the common and conventional way of taking care of hair because Reetha is something that strongly connected with the solution of several hair problems.

Hair and hairstyle are such a thing that may be related to your face. Different type of hairstyle gives you a different look. So taking care of hair is obvious for every fashion concerned person and Reetha is such a natural Ayurvedic medicinal herb that can make your hair strong and shine.

For this reason knowing benefits and use of Reetha is very needed for the person suffering from various kind of hair problem.This article may help you out regarding your hair and fair complexion.

Some Common Names of Reetha (Soapnut)

Reetha has a so many common and local name and these are:

  • Soapnut
  • Soapberry
  • Washnut
  • Reetha
  • Arthia
  • Kanama
  • Dodani
  • Doda
  • Thali
  • Boondi
  • kttai
  • Kumkudukaya

Odd Benefits & Uses of Reetha (Soapnut)

Amazing Health Benefits & Uses of Reetha (Soapnut)

There are lots of uses of this natural herb Sapindus Mukorossi and among all of them there been selected some major uses of this herb. Uses of Reetha are discussed below with the procession. Take a look:

1) Uses of Reetha for silky hair

Reetha, from the medieval time it has been considering as a good treatment for hair problems. But suddenly people change their mood after they have introduced with Shampoos. People use to use Shampoos by considering it as a final solution of their hair problem or being provoked by its attractive advertisement.

But Shampoo is not a natural herb rather it is a factory made chemical viscose with a terrible side effect. The outcome of using shampoo is instant but the impact of its side effect is far-stretched.

So, the relevance of soap nuts is rising again among the people throughout the world due to the terrible side effect of chemical shampoos.

If you want to make your hair silky then try Reetha for hair washing instead of using soap or shampoo. Throughout the world, Reetha is using as an important component in making herbal soap and shampoos for hair washing.

How to use Soapnut for Clean Your Hair

Now, let us talk about the procession of using Reetha as a hair washer. The procession is very simple. All you need to do is that:


  1. Dip 8/10 Reetha into half liter of water after removing its shell.
  2. Keep the mixture in a jar for a night
  3. Use the mixture on your scalp but before using strain it well.
  4. Then wash your head with clean water.

2) Soapnut for Dandruff Solution

No need to mention it that how strong hair cleanser Reetha is. Dandruff is a common and awful problem of your scalp. In order to make your scalp dandruff free permanently use the liquid that is been made by dipping Reetha into fresh water. Use this mixture before your every bath until the scalp become dandruff free.

3) Use Reetha as a shampoo

Using Reetha as a hair shampoo in replacement of chemical one will not only be beneficial for hair but economical also. As it is a natural herb and has no side effects you can use it with blithesome mood. To make your hair shinny and softer you won’t find any better alternative of Reetha. You cannot use chemical shampoo regularly because if you do so the chemical shampoo may turn itself into a killer from a saver for its side effects but in case of Reetha the matter is not like that since you can use it almost every day as hair cleaner as it is pure natural herbs without any mentionable side effect.

4) Helps to reduce hair fall

Reetha Helps to reduce hair fall

As Reetha is certainly an anti-bacterial andante-fungal natural herb it can stop it your hair falling if you make its best uses. Apply Reetha dipped fresh water on your scalp as long as your hair falling continues. You will get rid of this hair falling problem only after you have used this liquid during taking bath regularly.

5) How to make Reetha Shampoo

We have described the benefits of using Reetha as Shampoo but this time we are going to tell you the process of making Reetha Shampoo.

Have you heard the name Shikakai( a natural herb)? If you have then collected some and mix them with the soap nuts so that you can get an advantage to make a homemade natural shampoo with the nice flavor. Boil the Shikaki and Reetha into half liter of water and keep them in a cool place become cool for a night and next day morning you have to strain the mixture well before using it on the scalp. This natural homemade Shampoo is far better than chemical viscose’s

6) How to make soap powder with Reetha

Reetha paste or Reetha soap powder as can be used to wash hair. To make this soap powder you need lots of things but if you able to make it then lots of benefits are there for you.

Take some dry Reetha and shikaki and the paste them together. You can also add some powder of Hibiscus. Take this mixture in a bottle and shake it well. You can use this powder as a detergent and along with the water it can also be used for washing hair.

7) Use of Reetha as a facial complexion

To make our face neat and clean we use face wash and often wash our face with this chemical face wash after returning home from the dusty outside. But to be honest, does it really work?

After using the chemical one we fell fresh as it seems that the face wash has already removed all the dust from my face but the matter is not like that as there been used so many chemical components and flavor that causes that feeling you feel usually regarding chemical face wash.

Want to keep safe your face any kind of a pimple or bag of dust? If so today we are going to introduce you to a natural face wash made with Reetha liquid and oil (few drops).

Add few drops of essential oil into the Reetha liquid. Stir the mixture properly and apply it on your face and rub it over the whole face and wait for little munity and then wash with pure water.

8) Use of Reetha for washing clothes

Common detergent powder found in local market apparently clean clothes but chemical components are also used in there and that causes original color loss of clothes. Reetha powder as a detergent works effectively as it removes dust from the deepest corner of the clothes without spoiling the real color of the clothes.

9) Use of Reetha as jewellery cleaner

Ornaments or any kind of jewelry sometimes get rust for keeping away it from the regular use. Take a jar of Reetha liquid and drop the rusted ornaments into the liquid and keep them in there for an hour and then dry them with a dry napkin. Then take a soft cloth scrammed with Reetha liquid and rub it on the ornaments. After drying it up you may have the difference. The original look will be regained.

10) Reetha for skin care

In case of skin care, Reetha is better than the glissarine. Dry skin causes tatter, ring warm etc. so to keep safe your skin apply Reetha liquid on the dry skin as it is an effective cleanser and has a very cool effect on skin. It does not give the chance of drying to the skin as it makes the skin soft. So apply Reetha liquid with chickpea on the skin instead of soap to give your skin a gentler look. It keeps the softness and tenderness of the skin stable and very effective in curing eczema, psoriasis, and removes pimple, blackheads, freckles etc.

Side effect of Reetha

As natural herbs, Reetha has no mentionable side effect at all. It is undoubtedly better than any kind of factory made the chemical product and very useful and beneficial for your skin, hair, face and even for some household activities. Though it has not side effect it will be better to keep it away from the contact of eyes.

Some other uses of Reetha

We have described some major and focusable use and benefits of Reetha but there are also some benefits of Reetha that can be considered and these are:

  • You can use Soapnut as an anti-septic.
  • Using it as a floor cleaner.
  • Reetha for cleaning kitchen and bathroom.
  • Using it for destroying fungus and bacteria.

Conclusion of Reetha benefits

Uses and benefits of Reetha have been described here for you to introduce with it whether it was unknown to you. Lay you concern eyes on every point of the article and apply all the methods in your cases.

If we can help you in this regard that is the only favor of us. Feel free to ask anything about this content in the comment box. Thanks for your patients and stay well.

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