8 Benefits and Uses of Rooh Afza (Ingredients & Recipes)

Rooh Afza” probably you heard the name but do not check it yet.well, before checking you should know the health benefits of Rooh Afza. As long as you live you need to eat but by merely eating can you survive? Probably not, because besides eating you need to drink and water is the only natural source of drinks. Apart from the water various kind of fruit juice are also popular as a drink. People use to drink lots of drinks harmful and beneficial. Alcoholic drinks and natural drinks whatever you cannot but drink besides eating.

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For 6 month i have been working with an experiment on some Natural and Ayurvedic total non alcoholic drink but among all of them i have found a drink as a special that is Rooh Afza. Let me introduce it to its health benefits with you and you will be fascinated to the Syrup after getting details about it. Health and medicinal benefits of Rooh Afza are immense. Here i am going to mention Some major medicinal benefits of Rooh Afza for you.

Health Benefits of Rooh Afza

Today I am going to introduce you to an ideal and beneficial drink which has a primitive flavor. I first discover it during my observation on Sabja seeds (basil seeds) and being wondered I intended to know regarding this Juice and after a deep research I come to know that it is the safest and sound drink without any side effects. Rooh Afza, the title is so perfect for this juice as it really contains a cooling effect which can boost your stress very soon.

What is Rooh Afza?

Basically, Rooh Afza is summer drink popular in middle –east. The reason lies behind its popularity is its ingredients which have a very energetic and fresh effect in hot summer.

The term Rooh means soul and Afza means ‘something nourishing’, so what does the Rooh Afza means jointly, yes you are right – “Nourishes the soul”.

Magnificent formula , Redolence, cooling effect, enduring flavor and with the other properties of Rooh Afza not only a satisfying drink but also has a standard image on the market because to advertise it there no need any star but it holds its popularity among the mass for its quality.

After reading the whole article you may come to know brief information including Health benefits of Rooh Afza and its Medicinal benefits also. Let’s know its history first.

History and invention of Rooh Afza

In herbal medicine, Hakim Hafiz Abdul Majeed is a prominent name as a Unani physician. He, in 1906 first started to prepare Rooh Afza though currently Rooh Afza is prepared by Hamdard laboratories another Unani medicine company in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Not only East it has created already a standard niche all over the world for its cool and refreshing effect.

Now let’s focus on its ingredients. Merely taste or exaggerating packing is not signifies any product’s quality. Whether a product or any drink reliable or not it depends on its ingredients. So what ingredients Rooh Afza contains very important to know before drink it.

Ingredients of Rooh Afza

Rooh Afza is therapeutic syrup. So no artificial elements are used to prepare it rather all the ingredients used in this syrup are natural. Especially, Flower, Roots, Herbs, Fruits, veggies, is the main ingredients of Rooh Afza.

  • Herbs: Blue star water lily(Nymphaea nouchali),lotus(Nelumbu),European white lily(Nymphaea alba), chicory(vitis vinifera)purslane/tukhm-e-khurfa(portulaca oleracea seeds), Borage and coriander.
  • Fruits: Strawberry, Apple, Orange, Blackcurrant, Watermelon, Pineapple, Berries, Loganberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Citron, And Concord grapes.
  • Flowers: Rose, Keora ((Pandanus fascicularis)), Orange and lemon.
  • Vegetables: Carrot,Spinach,Mint and Luffa aegyptiaca.
  • Roots: Besides Herbs, Fruits, Flower, Roots are also used in this Syrup. The root used in it named “khus” or Chrysopogon zizanioides.

Use of Rooh Afza

This Syrup is globally well known for its natural refreshing cooling effect and with it lots of appetizing recopies can be made and it extends the taste of these recopies. Flavor Sharbat, cold deserts, Milk recipes, are the mentionable things which made Rooh Afza well known all over the world.

For the herbal and Aromatic flavor with the natural squeeze quality it is used to prepare various kinds of delicious recipes like Falooda, Kheer, Firni, mix fruit, payesh, lassi, pudding, kulfi, and milkshakes.

Note: Especially in Ramadan (A holy month of fasting for the Muslims) during Iftar (Fast braking time) Rooh Afza is commonly used among this community.

Health Benefits of Rooh Afza

1) Reduce Dehydration

Rooh Afza fights strongly against Dehydration with its crucial elements potassium, Magnesium, Sulphur, Sodium, and calcium. Besides Dehydration it also effectively works to reduce warmth tiredness, stress, sweltering. This chilling drink helps to keep the water level balanced in the body.

2) Haemoglobin improvement

Hemoglobin content is a very important for blood and Rooh Afza is a proved drink which improves the Hemoglobin content in blood.

3) Helps in vomiting and Diarrhea

Rooh Afza is very effective in Vomiting and Diarrhea as it is working effectively in dehydration and Diarrhea and vomiting cause dehydration.

4) Helps in fever

Fever is the extended temperature of the body and Rooh Afza is very helpful in decreasing body heat and works in fever effectively.

5) Beneficial for indigestion

In the treatment of indigestion, Stomach ache, kidney numbness Rooh Afza is chosen as an effective drink.

6) Regain your lost weight

Lost weight can be regained but for this exercise and proper food taking is needed. If you want to gain back your lost weight Rooh Afza is been suggested for you. You can try it as it promotes the Nitrogen stability in the body.

7) Refreshing and cooling effects of Rooh Afza

In a hot summer day, you may feel the most important benefits of Rooh Afza which is its Refreshing and cooling effect. After long day journey or work, a glass of Rooh Afza will bring you a relaxing mood very soon.

Rooh Afza Recipes

Now take a look as I am going to share some instruction of preparing some other health beneficial drink from Rooh Afza

Recipes With Rooh Afza & Sabja Seeds

What You Need To Make Drink with Rooh Afza & Sabja Seeds

  • Take 4 glass of cold water
  • Mix 1 or 2 tbsp Sabja seeds
  • Pour Rooh Afza and sugar according to your demand.
  • Shake well the mixer.

How To Prepare Sabja Sarbat Drink with Rooh Afza

  • At first, soak the Sabja seeds in jar of water for 1 hour
  • Put these seeds into the water you have left
  • And lastly, pour Rooh Afza into the bled.
  • For frozen refreshment add some ice cube if you want.

Make Orange Sharbat Recipe with Rooh Afza

How To Prepare Orange Sharbat with Rooh Afza

  • Take 5/6 orange and decorticate them
  • Blend these Orange sacs into a blender
  • Mix sugar and Rooh Afza with it
  • Shake the blend well.
  • For extra cooling effect add ice cube

Lemon Sharbat Recipe with Rooh Afza

What You Need To Make lemon Sharbat with Rooh Afza

  • 3 glass of cold and fresh water
  • 4 tbsp sabja seeds
  • 4 tbsp lemon juice
  • Sugar as demand
  • Ice cube

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Process of making lemon Sharbat with Rooh Afza

  1. Put the sabja seeds into the water for 30 minutes
  2. Then pour the lemon juice there
  3. Pour Rooh Afza and sugar
  4. Drop ice cube into the mixer
  5. Shake well the mixer.

Side Effects of Rooh Afza

The amazing fact regarding Rooh Afza is that it has no side effect and till there is no evidence which can identify any side effect of Rooh Afza. But if you have any allergic problem yourself then you can avoid the drink and consult your doctor weather in that case you are allowed to take the drink or not. Except this, there is no other problem with the drinking of Rooh Afza. It is fresh, safe and sound drinks. The fact has to mention that Rooh Afza is prepared with therapeutic elements so no chance of side effect in this Syrup.

Another Health Benefits of Rooh Afza You should know

The syrup is more beneficial for health than any kind of soft or cold drinks. And among all other fruit juice or syrup Rooh Afza is on the top for its immense health beneficial quality. I have already mentioned above some major medicinal and health benefits of Rooh Afza. Now some other health benefits also need to mention I think. So, here they are for you:

  • Rooh Afza imposes positive impacts on Cardiovascular function. It makes the cardiovascular function smooth and also controls the heart beat.
  • Fill up the lack of nutrient elements in the body
  • Reduce weakness and recharge the body for work.
  • After a long day fasting there stored warm gas in stomach, Rooh Afza removes it effectively and bestowed a cooling effect there.
  • Drinking Rooh Afza with breakfast is very helpful for rest of the day.
  • Rooh Afza is non-alcoholic drinks, no side effect.

Where to buy Rooh Afza

Rooh Afza is available in any nearest shop of you. But to get it with discount and offers you can order it in online. Also, you can buy it from Amazon.

Last Word

I have had an attraction to lots of cold drinks and alcoholic drinks but they did not bring anything except harmful effect for my body. Suddenly, during a research I noticed the name Rooh Afza and intended to know its health and medicinal benefits. And after a passage of time what I found regarding Rooh Afza and its health benefits I have shared with you above. Nowadays we really don’t care what we consuming or eating or drinking. But we should not do that. After knowing the health benefits and Medicinal benefits of Rooh Afza what is your reaction to it let us know?

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