Scholarship Programme is a website regarding health, physical fitness, and sound lifestyle including foods and their benefits. We also review various kinds of products which are beneficial for good health. In this website, one can meet up his demand and can get an easy solution for the difficult problem regarding health and food habits.

Recently we hit upon a plan that we are going to organize a Scholarship Programme for the students who are under graduation and post graduation. Some words to be noted that in this programme Students have a single mom, parents of children with autism, cordially allowed to participate.Teachers/ Students also can participate if interested.


Let’s talk about the things you may have to do in this scholarship Programme:

The content you should select to write should be health or food related and this the first and foremost condition. Then the writing quality, content ordering, sentence making, use of diction will be judged and considered with accuracy. Things to be noted that your word limitation is 800-1000. After finishing the writing you have to promote your article to Social media for enriching it with comments and likes and Sharing so that you can confirm your chance to win $1k!


[mks_highlight color=”#1167a0″]Win $ 1,000 for your writing![/mks_highlight] [mks_highlight color=”#1167a0″]Don’t be late, submit your writing as soon as possible. We will select the content containing all the condition given above.  Email us your writing to –[/mks_highlight]


Submission Deadline: